The audience attached to the studio, the pregnant wife description of the relationship between the ice as the weather was Estirdi

adminDecember 27, 2018

White TV on screen; Nur Viral's "Everything in Life" hosted by the program came up with a blood signal recognition. A man who was connected to the phone by telephone and did not want to give his name said that his wife was two months pregnant while cheating on the driver at the factory where he was working.

"The factory is related to the driver"

The man who said he was calling from Ankara stated that he divorced his wife because of his adultery in 2016 and that he now lives with his daughter. He started working at a factory when he was pregnant with his wife's other children, and the man who learned that wife had an affair after about 3 months, said: "My wife has had sex with the factory driver at the factory where she worked for 3 months. I have never seen my other child, because I doubt my other child is mine.


After my wife divorced her actions, I tickle. How can a mother do this when she is pregnant with her second child? Let's do it. Is he entitled to repent and shame while still opening the case to the right to destroy the life of the other person? I instructed my lawyer and filed a case for DNA. He said, "I'm sorry." He has tried to destroy my life by sucking me for two years. Is he entitled to such a thing? These confessions of the man all shocked the studio, the server Nur Viral, "God, trouble, everyone.

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