The answer to Margarita Rosa de Francisco to Twitter as old

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The presenter, actor and author, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, has always been ready with her positions against politics, the healthy lifestyle, motherhood and even religion, subjects that have not only expressed through their columns in El Tiempo, but also in their social networks.

She, with her fine sense of humor, has aroused love and hate on the internet, like the time she said she liked the music of cbefore reguetón Bad Buny, a topic that even those who follow her in the network was a surprise.

The truth is she does not have hair on her tongue and she is not afraid to respond to those who criticize her without any arguments that happened this week when a user on Twitter criticized a video where Margarita went out to read a fragment of the Iliad, but as if it were no more shameful, what he judged was his appearance.

In response to the reading video, the man wrote: "Worrying about the unsustainable arrival of wrinkles, it seems like that It was yesterday the magical beauty. Sad night. "A comment that seemed to delay her because she was no longer beautiful because she was old.

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But as expected, with a very nice answer, Margarita responded to the user: "Luckily, anxiety is a you and not me", which makes it clear she does not seek eternal youth, Just feel good about yourself, whatever they want to say.

On the other hand, Margarita Rosa de Francisco also goes promote the new project recently acted as "Play with Fire", a thriller series that will soon be released on Telemundo and Netflix.

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