The Amal Hamada family reveals the last moments before her death and a calming eulogy from Elissa

adminNovember 28, 2018

The Lebanese and Arab audience suffered from the death of Lebanese comedian Amal Hamas a few hours ago Tuesday, Tuesday, in a battle where a number of fans, celebrities and the audience alike.

Died Amal Hamada

Amal Hamadas family reveals the last moments of her life

The news was announced by its cousin Ahmed Yassin "My cousin, comedy Amal Hamada, suffered a serious blow, and in the case of death Amal took her with laughter and shadow brightness." Amal Hamada, known for her community in Lebanon, got a blow I introduced her first into a clinical death, and then she died.

Her cousin expressed deep sorrow for her death Amal Hamada In another tweet he wrote: "We thought so Amal Hamada But we left and left laughter and lightness that no one will forget, putting the soul in peace, hope. "

Elissa and Amal Hamada

As soon as the news of the painful death was announced, the Lebanese singer was quick Elissa Benaye sent via her Twitter account, where she wrote: "I did a lot of what I knew about death Amal Hamada.. She was tough comments of times, but the presence of death in us meets and prays for her soul. God wants mercy.

A lot of accounts interested in what Amal gave, videos of her who spoke of death, hoping for a television interview to die without knowing, adding: "The Lord of my Lord, I die without knowing .. A heart attack a sleepless night .. And can the demand be realized after a long life. "

In another video, she criticized some of those who attacked her and wanted her dead. She said that life is still for her and she does not want to go to God "empty" and hope that God will give her time to work for her.

It's worth mentioning that comic book Amal Hamada She became famous in the media after a television interview with her. She knew the phrase, "Extinct Men", later became a prominent guest on some television programs. Amal died for 41 years. She was born in 1976. Her family also suffers from the battle problem, where three of her brothers (brother and sister) died for the same reason.

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