The actress picture of Mi Gorda bella with her boyfriend

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The Venezuelan actress Marianela González, who played Pandora in the hit soap opera "Mi gorda bella", released a photo on her Instagram account at the end of 2018, showing her girlfriend, author Amalia Andrade.

In the romantic image, the 40-year-old artist kisses his partner and adds an exciting message.

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Photo: Instagram

"And today I celebrate every experience, every memory, every fall and every rebirth. I celebrate what I was, what today makes me what I am, what I do not have, what I have and what is coming. I celebrate that nothing stop me, nothing stop me, let me not lock me and i get where i want.i celebrate every person who came to my life, those who went and those who are still by my side, and today, more than ever, I celebrate you. "

His girlfriend shared the graphics through the Instagram account with another message: "When we are together, everyone says" Damn those girls love each other ".

Photo: Instagram

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