The actress of "Orange is the new variety" accuses Geoffrey Rush of sexual harassment

adminDecember 30, 2018

Actor Yael Stone, known for playing Lorna Morello in the series Orange is the new variety, has accused his partner Geoffrey Rush (The king's speech, Pirates of the Caribbean) of having sexually harassed her between 2010 and 2011. During these years both interpreters worked together in the play Diary of a maniac.

Both Rush and Stone were ready in a shared dressing room that had two side shower cubicles. "I remember looking up to see that there was a small shaving mirror at the top of the partition between the showers, and I used it to put it down and look at my naked body," explains the Australian actress. New York Times.

"I felt there was no place for me to feel safe and not observed," he said.

Also, the actress remembers that Geoffrey Rush one night "came out of the shower with the towel in his hand and naked and began to dance in front of me with his penis outside". Yael Stone points out that he responded to the situation with "an attitude of" Oh, you're a very bad boy "".

"I didn't want him to think it wasn't fun, I was one of those who couldn't make a joke," Stone said, adding that Australia is a country that "reflects a justice system that favors the person with much more money and much more influence and power, "so she would not bother the famous actor.

Stone has made clear that she does not feel confident in condemning this attitude towards the company: "What would they do? Fire Geoffrey and join me?"

Movements #MeToo in Australia it has not had the strong momentum it experienced in the United States. The actress reproduces the words that Matt Collins, an accusation lawyer and president of the Victoria Bar, say when she said to her: "Australia is the only Western democracy without explicit constitutional protection for freedom of speech." In fact, Collins added that "people say Sydney is the terrible capital of the world."


For his part, the winner of an Oscar for Shine He wanted to defend himself against the charges of Yael Rush. In a statement sent to New York Times, the actor confirms that the charges he was his companion are "wrong and in some cases completely removed from context".

"It is obvious that Yael is sometimes upset by the eager enthusiasm that I usually work with," Rush adds, who also points out that he regrets "deeply and sincerely if I made him anxious" since "it was never my intention ".

Geoffrey Rush wanted to defend against the incriminations by indicating that since they collapsed Diary of a maniac, they have exchanged "correspondence, which showed mutual respect and admiration".

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