The actress Marianela González comes out of the closet

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Marianela González - The actress Marianela González comes out

And today I celebrate all experiences, every memory, every fall and every rebirth. I celebrate what I was, what today makes me what I am, what I stopped having, what I have and what is coming. I celebrate that nothing stops me, nothing lowers me, let me not lock myself and I come to where I want

With these beautiful words that followed a photograph on the Instagram account, the Venezuelan actress Marianela González told her followers and the world that she is happily in love with another woman, the Colombian author Amalia Andrade.

The actor, 40 years old, rose to fame in the last decade thanks to telenovela My beautiful fat. Since then, he has not stopped working in productions like Sweet love, The treacherous, heaven can explain to me or No one will tell me how to love you. Amalia Andrade was born in the Colombian city of Cali in 1985. In addition to dedicating herself to writing, she is an artistic soul who has exhibited her work in several galleries. We wish the couple a lot of luck!

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