The actor who appeared in Better Call Saul confesses to having cut off his hand

adminOctober 31, 2018

Editorial: Boston Globe (Getty Images)

Today, in news designed for everyone to get going, "Ugh, that's hard, even for Halloween": a one-handed actor who appeared in a recent episode of Better call Saul He has publicly confessed that his own limb was cut and he did not lose it during military service, as he had previously stated. New Mexico local actor Todd Latourette, who played a character named "Skell" in the fifth episode of the current season of BCS– says that he cut his hand 17 years ago during a psychotic break, but in recent years he has used the injury to get the sympathy of the casting directors to help him in his career.

"I cut my hand with a skill saw," said Latourette, who also appeared in small parts in Longmire Y The messengersHe told his local news station, adding, perhaps unnecessarily, "The state of my mind was a psychotic episode." He says that he later cauterized the wound, and claims that he is advancing with the truth to serve as a warning. For people living with a mental illness: take your medications, please.

Meanwhile, much of the coverage of Latourette's confession in the right-wing media has focused on the "stolen value" aspect of the story, because apparently falsely claiming to be a veteran is more shocking to people who a guy that fills up. Evil Dead 2 in his own fucking hand. It is worth noting, then, that a), Latourette made it clear that he knows he is destroying his own career by presenting this now, and apparently he is doing it to alleviate his own guilt and spread a message about the dangers of an untreated disease , and b), any person whose condition has progressed to the point where this degree of self-harm is causing them. probably It deserves some sympathy from people, regardless of their service record.


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