The actor Julián Gil must erase the mural of his restaurant in Miami

adminDecember 30, 2018

December 29, 2018 05:04
Updated December 29, 2018 17:14

The owners of the La Placita restaurant, including actor Julian Gil, have to delete a huge mural in honor of Puerto Rico, which has been prepared on-site, located in Miami's Miami district, reported local media on Saturday.

The outside of La Placita, which was scheduled to open on Friday, was decorated with a huge Puerto Rican flag made by Portuguese artist Héctor Collazo Hernández, but the city authorities say their owners did not request permission from a historic conservation board. of the city.

La Placita, a project that Gil was with Puerto Rican chef José Mendín, is located in the so-called MiMo Historical District, in the northern part of the city, and littered with modernist-style buildings and structures, built between 1945 and 1965, and where In recent years, motels have been renovated and turned into boutique hotels.

The flag, which the work started on Thursday morning with the help of several voluntary, motivated complaints from a group of home and business owners in the area who makes recommendations to the board to preserve the area's character.

"Now it's a code compliance problem," Vickie Toranazou, a historic city conservation planner, told the Miami Herald.

Joey Cancel, the restaurant's managing director, told the media that the business did not interfere with district standards since it is a building built in 2009, and they also received special permission to make mural, which costs around $ 25,000 and is part of the Hernández project "78 people and one flag".

Cancel added that they were never informed that the work could break a local rule, but the city's officials say they should have presented the idea for approval to the city's planning department and MiMo district board.

According to city spokeswoman Stephanie Severino, the owners have 30 days to resolve the conflict and are likely to be asked to delete the flag and restore the original color.

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