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Here is a complete classification of all the Rocky (Y Creed) films. With Credo II hitting the cinemas, the RodoKentucky The franchise now covers 8 films from 1976 to 2018, which one is the best of all?

Surprisingly, since 1976, there has never been a decade without a Rocky movie. The creation of Sylvester Stallone, who has played Rocky Balboa in each film, Rocky It is one of the most enduring sagas in the history of cinema. Stallone has also written or co-written each Rocky movie except 2015 Creed and directed Rocky II, III, IVY Rocky Balboa. At all times, the franchise has helped launch the careers of several stars and has created indelible cinematographic moments and touchstones of pop culture. After its heyday in the 70s and 80s, the franchise experienced minimal until it miraculously recovered. Now thanks to Creed, director Ryan Coogler and the resurrection of the Michael B. Jordan franchise, Rocky he once again became a box office critic and champion, reflecting the exploits in the ring of his iconic fighter.

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From the sordid streets of South Philadelphia to the heavyweight world championship and once again, here is our ranking of the whole. Rocky Y Creed saga.

8. Rocky V (1990)

Rocky v was meant to be the conclusion of the Rocky history; The director of the original film, John G. Avildsen, even returned to direct the fifth chapter. Rocky is forced to retire from the ring after being diagnosed with brain damage thanks to his fight with Ivan Drago. Then, Balboa quickly discovers that he was cheated out of his fortune, forcing him and his family to return to their old neighborhood in South Philadelphia. The film is really the story of a son who feels neglected by his father; Sly's son in real life, Sage Stallone, plays Rocky Jr., who wants his father's attention, but Rocky gets distracted by training a protégé, Tommy Gunn (Tommy Morrison). However, Tommy falls under the control of Don King's promoter, George Washington Duke (Richard Gant), who puts Gunn against Rocky. Rocky v ends with a literal street fight between Rocky and Tommy, where Rocky emerges victorious and regains the love of his son.

The fifth film tries to reflect awkwardly the original. Rocky as close as possible while introducing "current" elements such as rap music, but much of this is a big miscalculation. Rocky v It is also Talia Shire's last appearance as Rocky's wife, Adrian. By last, Rocky vThe biggest flaw is that Rocky, without realizing it, has become a villain; his infatuation with living indirectly through Tommy, so he constantly ignores his son, makes Rocky unpleasant for the first time. Even though Rocky realizes the error of his ways and ends the movie by taking Rocky Jr. up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rocky v it's just a bad movie and an unstable ending to the Rocky Balboa saga, something that not only the fans but Stallone himself felt with enthusiasm. Luckily, he was able to rectify Rocky v & # 39;s error with a successful sixth Rocky Movie 16 years later.

7. Rocky II (1979)

In Rocky IIStallone, who assumed the position of director and continued as a writer, remained as close to the original formula as possible. Picking up immediately after the fight between Rocky and Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), both fighters are taken to the hospital and deal with the consequences of their epic struggle in their own way. Rocky marries Adrian and prepares to start a family, but finds that, even with the fame and payday he got from the fight, his career options were limited due to his lack of education. Meanwhile, Apollo is consumed for not being able to beat Rocky definitively and tirelessly incites him to a rematch, but Adrian and Rocky's coach, Mickey (Burgess Meredith), fears for Rocky's health. After he recovers from a coma related to childbirth, Adrian urges Rocky to fight against Apollo and "win!" – What he does. Rocky beats Apollo to become the heavyweight world champion.

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Oscar-winning box office success. Rocky It was a difficult act to follow, but Rocky II It is credited for advancing the story and realistically analyzing Rocky's problems while trying to find a way to keep his family from fighting. The wrath of Apollo and the efforts he makes to embarrass Rocky by accepting a rematch are also entertaining. However, a large part of Rocky II he simply repeats the high points of the original, including the assembly of Rocky's training for the children of Philadelphia to accompany Rocky in his career, and Stallone prepares for Rocky to win everything in the end, instead of being satisfied with a moral victory. The film is mostly memorable for the final image of a bloody and battered Rocky holding the championship and screaming "Yo Adrian, I did it!", but Rocky II Open the door for the continuation of the saga.

6. Rocky IV (1985)

USA vs. Russia is the basic theme of Rocky iv, the most caricatural entry of the franchise. Rocky is still the heavyweight champion, but it's Apollo who wants to return to the ring to face Russian national champion Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). Rocky agrees to train Apollo to face the imposing Russian, but is forced to see Drago, a monster on steroids, assassinate Apollo during his exhibition game. After burying his best friend, Rocky swears revenge. He travels to Russia to train and then confronts Drago on his own turf, defeating him in a brutal 15-round fight against the Prime Minister of the Soviet Union. Rocky's performance is so brave that Drago fans in Russia are applauding. "Rocky!" by the end.

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At 90 minutes and full of multiple montages of MTV-style music videos, Rocky iv It almost does not qualify as a movie. The story of Stallone is painting by numbers and the climactic speech of Rocky in which he urges the end of the Cold War, which receives an ovation from the Russian premier, is frankly absurd. And yet, Rocky iv It is entertaining and memorable. Killing the popular Apollo (after an appearance by James Brown singing "Living in America") was a bold move, a training montage of Bearded Rocky in (Hearts on Fire) and his fight with Drago (set to music). by Vince DiCola) are unforgettable, and Dolph Lundgren is an iconic villain. Rocky ivThe importance of the franchise was cemented by Creed for it is the death of Apollo that inspires his son Adonis to his own fighting career. More of, Credo II tells the story of the children of Creed and Drago who ended the fight that began with their parents in Rocky iv.

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