The 21-year-old from Pforzheim accepts a jury

adminJanuary 8, 2019

With "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (DSDS) it gets more and more bad: After Karlsruhe Pietro Lombardi (winner of the eighth season) and Mannheim Xavier Naidoo enriches the jury with Dieter Bohlen, tried in the seasonal opener on Saturday a Pforzheimer, to become the new superstar,

Fabrizio Giordano, 21 years old, came on a high plateau heel and with a smooth lipstick in the jury's casting. When he put on make-up before his appearance, he still raged about Dieter Bohl's honest way: "Dear directly and honestly as wrong", you must also prove that you are something good. And could well against Fabrizio in his own words.

Amy Winehouse as an idol

When Pforzheimer looked straight from all four members of the jury, honest words to hear, but he didn't seem to like it anymore. The self-proclaimed 16-time German champion in hip-hop was "Rehab" by the late artist Amy Winehouse for the best: "I know I'm not Amy, but she was my idol and I know you can do anything if you will."

Your opinion

Xavier Naidoo was the first to give his criticism: "The high heels are not even cool, it works against you, I think." "Your opinion," replied Fabrizio. "And singing wasn't good at all," Naidoo continued. "Okay, your opinion," hardly Fabrizio left.

Next Thanks!

Dancing Oana Nechiti saw no aesthetics in Fabrizio's dance skills. Pforzheimer interrupted the singer, did not want to hear the criticism. Pietro Lombardi was not sure at first and asked, "Are you serious?" The voice would have been short, as if Pforzheim helium inhaled. "As your first audience," Giordano turns back. "You're fucking," Lombardi says. "Point".

The criticism of his appearance Fabrizio did not like. | Photo: MG RTL D

Dieter Bohlen also didn't like the look. The further comments of professional dancer Nechiti would 21-year-old then no longer hear: "Yes, I know. You do not have to waste so many words, I do not hear anyway. Next!"

Who is this plank?

DSDS candidate Fabrizio Giordano from Pforzheim

More than one "Wow" did not come out even the fast Wirt Bohler. "Sorry," Fabrizio said to the conclusion: "Don't waste the diva, you have to loose." More priced than complimented, Pforzheimer eventually came from Nechiti: "Okay, that's enough."

No round anymore

The result: no withdrawal of the 21-year-old from Goldstadt, but quite a lot of media attention. Giordano likes it: "I'm a little arrogant, but I also know it."

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