The 11 tips from Harvard University to improve your sex life

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Communication can be a great resource in bed.

Do sports, climb stairs, sleep … and train sex: it is not the same thing to do with 20 years than with 50 years.

Our body changes as we age, and the physical changes we experience also affect sexuality.

But not everything that involves aging is negative: From a certain age we have more communication skills and minor inhibitions, which can be a great resource in bed.

And, regardless of age, there are always things that can be done to have a more satisfying sex life.

Therefore, we present a list of easily accessible tips, developed by Harvard Medical School, itAlthough designed for older couples, they are actually useful for all ages.

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1. Learn

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It is important to be well informed about the sexual problems we think we have.

There is a lot of valid self-help material available about sexual problems. search what suits you best and make sure both you and your partner are well informed.

And if they find it violent to talk about it face to face, they can replace the passages that were most interesting to them.

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2. Give yourself time

As we get older, sexual reflexes are reduced.

Thus, it usually takes more time to reach orgasm, which is why it is easier to achieve it in one Quiet environment, comfortable and without disturbance.

Investing more time in love can lead us to new sexual experiences.

3. Lubricates

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Lubricating gels can be useful in combating vaginal dryness.

It is common that the transition to menopause is accompanied by vaginal dryness, which can be corrected with lubricating gels.

They are useful to avoid painful intercourse, which usually leads to problems with libido and tension in the couple.

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4. Be affectionate

Even if problems in bed worry you and you are excited, kiss and hug It is important to maintain emotional and physical bonds.

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Kissing is important for maintaining emotional and physical bonds

5. Practice the contact

Many therapists recommend techniques sensory approach to restore physical intimacy without feeling pressured.

It's about touching each other while each one concentrates on their perceptions and their sensuality.

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6. Try different sexual positions

Expand the repertoire to positions as well as create The sexy is more interesting, can help overcome certain problems.

Some positions make it easier for the woman to reach orgasm.

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Sharing your own fantasies can help improve your relationship.

7. Write your fantasies

It's about exploring practices that you think will be exciting for you or your partner.

For example, think of situations that are exciting and explain them. This exercise is especially useful for couples with a little sexual desire.

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8. Try the Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are used to strengthen the pelvic muscles.

What are they? It's about tightening the muscle we contract when we try to stop the urine. Hold it for two or three seconds and relax. Repeat 10 times below five series a day.

Doing so will improve the physical conditions of sexual life.

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The more relaxed, the better sex.

9. Try to relax

Do something that calms you and makes you feel good before you start having sex, like going out to dinner or practicing relaxation techniques like breathing exercises.

10. Use vibrators

Vibrators can help women know each other better sexually, so they can explain to their partner what they like.

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11. Don't give up

If, despite having tried it, the situation will not improve, do not despair.

Go to your doctor to help you or contact a sexual therapist who identifies what robs you of having a satisfactory sex life.

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