The 10 best tweets of Becky Lynch

adminNovember 22, 2018

We complain, without ceasing, of promotions with a script.

The content is as lame as all the practice is counterproductive. Let's say the WWE hired a man with pure fire at the tips of his fingers. Let's say that WWE hired Glengarry screenwriter Glen Ross, David Mamet, to write promotions on behalf of Bayley:

"Fucking stupid." You, Nia Jax, I'm talking to you, sh * thead. You only cost everyone the Survivor Series main event. What are you gonna do about it? you're going to do about it, a ** hole. You are an imbecile. Where did you learn? your job, stupid f * cking c * nt, idiot? "

As entertaining as this notion is, Bayley, being Bayley has a more intimate knowledge of his fighting character than even the best dialogue man in the film, much less the failed comedy that WWE employs.

The answer, and this was a standard procedure when many more fighters finished, is to let wrestlers design their own promotions, shitty crap, idiots.

Twitter is the new test of fire. Becky Lynch developed her incredible character from the social media platform. WWE has reacted to its popularity by allowing it to develop further on television. Becky Lynch is so excited about Twitter that she has incinerated scripted promotions.

This is the reason …

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