That's why women stop shaving their bodies

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Body position in "Januhairy"

A hairy idea is currently viral. It's about not shaving in January and then proudly posting a picture of the result on Instagram.

Instagram @janu_hairy

The 21-year-old student Laura Jackson started "Januhairy". On the Instagram account created specifically for the campaign, she explains the reasons for it.

For a theater role she had to do without hair removal. After a while she began to feel comfortable in her new look. Many people around them found this incomprehensible and criticized them. Jackson dealt with the subject and finds the image that women in today's world live up to shocking. She realized that there is still so much to do before we can really fully accept others.

The project should not be a campaign to shave or prove shaving, just how ordinary body hair is, but to encourage women to accept themselves and others.

Under the hashtag "Januhairy" it is already over 2000 contributions.

Instagram: @onlylittlemy
Instagram: @sparxbeauty

User @ sophielmee is not going to leave it in January: "Januhairy and all year. Really."

Instagram: @janu_hairy

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