That's how they shout at a woman who took a whip at the Cali fair

adminDecember 28, 2018

The event was presented in one of the typical parades of the most important cultural and folklore event in Cali at this time.

As shown in the pictures, the woman enjoyed some drinks over the music that set the show, and in a moment of dance she lost her balance, fell and hit one of the platforms and fences on the street.

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In the video it is possible to listen to one of two spectators at the fair, and who is witnessing in the fall, shouts to the woman: "Not an even drink!".

However, the woman was not worn by the pain or strokes that left the autumn, and continued happily and dancing, as if nothing.

The clip was shared by the Facebook page & # 39; Cali is Cali & # 39; and already has about 100,000 views.

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