That successful death of Walking Dead sets the biggest change of season 9

adminOctober 8, 2018

This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season premiere 9.

The Walking Dead Season 9 has more to prove than, perhaps, any premiere this month, plus The Conners. The drama of zombies has lasted almost a decade, and in recent years has soured a good part of its long fan base. The ratings reach their lowest point with Season 8, making a new show From Angela Kang mission as serious as this season can be, especially as stars Andrew Lincoln Y Lauren Cohan prepare for your exits.

AMC, which has been marketed this season to a large extent with an eye on Lincoln's imminent farewell, clearly knows what is at stake; Critics received not one, but three episodes to review before the season began. Fortunately, in that handful of odds, the series seems to start spinning in a corner, although, of course, it remains to be seen if the landing clogs.

The premiere on Sunday was unstable, prone to some of the worst and most common errors of the franchise. (And it did not have to last almost 90 minutes). The sequences went on forever; We spent two full minutes watching the death of a red shirt, only to prepare a miniature rebellion that could have originated more efficiently. And there was a clumsy dialogue in abundance, although I was It's nice to see Daryl demonstrate that he can still speak in complete sentences.

Speaking of Norman Reedus harsh tones: although it is jarring to see Daryl again in the fold, his sudden return to the center of The Walking Dead it is a reminder of the great departures to come, and the role of Reedus as Lincoln's heir. Like Carol and the king, jumping abruptly from a casual flirtation to a full one. love, the change is sudden and has not been won, but it will probably make things more interesting in the long term.

Perhaps the most interesting facet of the premiere, however, is Maggie's new confidence. Thanks to a convenient jumping moment, Maggie gave birth and is now the proud mother of an adorable baby named Hershel. She is also in charge of Hilltop, and is ready to let Rick know that she will not always follow her lead. Last season, Maggie made it very clear that it was not O.K. with Rick's decision to keep Negan alive. (Daryl was also dissatisfied with that arrangement). This time, she reminded Rick of his promise to follow her one day; As far as Hilltop is concerned, that moment is apparently now.

Maggie's most revealing decision at the premiere was her decision to execute Gregory, a cowardly scoundrel and her longtime nemesis at Hilltop, while imprisoning her would-be assassin. A while ago, it could have taken weeks for her to make a decision like this; Gregory, after all, has already had more opportunities than we can count on. But when season 9 started, Maggie took over and did not ask Rick for approval; However, he waited for Maggie to execute Gregory.

In this season, relationships that were once black and white, like those of Maggie and Rick, are enriching with nuances. There is mutual respect, but there is also a greater friction between several of our older characters. Having passed from his "All Out War" phase, The Walking Dead It is establishing itself in a new way: try to build a real and interconnected network of societies. This is not The Prison against Woodbury, or Rick and the Gang Versus Terminus. And it's not an infinitely nomadic death parade. Instead, it is a natural evolution of what once made this series fascinating.

In your first deliveries, The Walking Dead He posed a simple but fascinating question: what parts of our humanity survive when society collapses? In its ninth season, this drama has finally begun to pose the following logical question: once everyone discovers what humanity means at the end of the world, how do they rebuild society and preserve the notion that such an organization even has value?

While Maggie takes control of Hilltop, Carol has taken over the Sanctuary, and Michonne is already Rick's closest adviser. Danai Gurira for an interesting role at any time and yet Lincoln leaves the show. However, that leaves an interesting question unanswered: when Daryl takes his place at the center of this series, what exactly will he bring to the table? What even disk drives Daryl? The Walking Dead He has left this character on the margins for so long that it is hard to imagine the answers. Maybe, like Fear of the living dead, The flagship series will become a fully-powered approach, making Daryl's role as the central character more nominal than significant.

Anyway, as unstable as some of these new conflicts and tracings have been established, I am, for the first time in several seasons, curious to see how things develop. The Walking Dead. It may not be much, but as we know that we have overcome it through so many inflated and slow seasons, it is all we can ask for. But hey, maybe this season will finally raise the bar a little higher again.

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