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adminNovember 23, 2018

Happy first day of thanksgiving, true Thompson. Khloe Kardashian's daughter met with her mother and father, Tristan Thompson, in Cleveland when the three of them celebrated their first day in Turkey as a family!

This Thanksgiving, Tristan Thompson, 27, is likely to be grateful for the second chances. Instead of spending the holidays alone with a microwave dinner for the hungry man, Tristan had both. Khloe Kardashian, 34, and his daughter, baby. True Thompson, join him in Cleveland for the holidays. Khloe and Tristan shared photos of their Thanksgiving spread – what can you see here – On Instagram. Tristan showed a feast that would leave a person's stomach rumbling. From the many plates of delicious cookies to the tasty appetizers, Tristan had a feast worthy of a queen. Speaking of which, her video showed Khloe, working hard and looking like a sandwich herself. "This disgusting pump cook," said Tristan, getting a smile from his baby mom.

Khloe, on his Instagram, showed the elegant atmosphere of the place, since the dinner table was elaborately decorated. Candle of many shapes and sizes lit inside the glasses, while the table was covered with white flower petals, for that elegant touch. Previously, he had told his fans that he had spent the morning "cooking my heart" and, judging from the results, he was not lying. We hope Tristan is ready to roll up his sleeves and wash the dishes, because that's the deal, is not it? One kitchen, the other clean? Maybe I can scrub the pots while Khloe and True watch the Christmas movies on television.

Khloe had to relive Tristan's cheating scandal recently, since the keeping up with the Kardashians The episodes recorded during that time have begun to be transmitted. "He's fucked up," Khloe told her sister. Kim Kardashian, when speaking of two times of Tristan. "It's a piece of shit." Obviously, since then, Khloe and Tristan have settled things, at least to the point that she is willing to fly to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with him.

Because of Tristan's work commitments, he could not take a plane and spend Turkey Day in sunny California with Khloe and the rest of the family. Instead of spending the first True Thanksgiving Day aside, an informant EXCLUSIVELY said that Khloe bit the bullet and decided to leave for Cleveland. "Khloe has agreed to sacrifice herself by going to her home in California to be with the rest of her family. That way, at least Tristan, she and True can be together. " Khloe, the insider said, still weird to be surrounded by the rest of her family, but she did not want her daughter to spend her first Turkey Day without her. Daddy. Fortunately, the Cavaliers do not have a game on December 25, so Tristan can return the favor by spending Christmas with the Kardashians in Calabasas.

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