Thank you, next, the hymn of my love life

adminNovember 30, 2018

I have so much tenderness for Ariana Grande.

Between her sweet face, her musical talent, her healthy and positive personality and the dreadful year she spent (Mac Miller's death, sexual assault lives …), I have only good waves to send him.

And generous as it is, it sends me amazing waves to me too!

Thanks, next, Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has just released the clip Thanks, next (& # 39; Thanks to the next "), Which I expected almost as much as Play thrones 8 season.

In addition to the beauty of the clip, I find that the song puts on words on many things that I feel.

She is strong, this Ariana Grande!

Thanks, next, tenderness made song

Ariana Grande, i Thanks, next, talking about her ex, necessarily known to the general public since it is ultra-mediated.

The title begins with these words:

Thought I would end up with Sean
But he was not a struggle
Written some songs about Ricky
Now I hear and laugh
Even became almost married
And for Pete, I'm so grateful
Wish I could say, "Thank you" to Malcolm
Because he was an angel

(I was thinking about completing with Sean
But it did not work out
I wrote songs about Ricky
And when I listen to them, I'm laughing now
I almost got married
And I'm so grateful to Pete
I wish I could say "thank you" to Malcolm
Because he was a real angel)

No innuendo or blur speak to Taylor Swift here: Ariana Grande quotes her ex, Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson and Malcolm McCormick (Mac Miller) in letter.

In the rest of the song, she explains what her items have brought herbut also how she focuses on herself after her last break.

She talks about the importance of friendship, saying she always believes in a future where she will get married and happy …

Thanks, next, a hymn for example

Thanks, next is drawn by a stubborn mantra:

I'm so damn grateful for my ex

understand " I'm so grateful for my ex, damn it ".

And hear that for the first time I wanted to scream BUT YES!

I've always had it make friends with my items (well, those with whom I did not share a toxic relationship with).

Even when the love goes out, even when the couple comes to an end, I feel a lot of soreness towards the boys who have accompanied me a little way.

Three months, one year two years … how completely deny these men who, like my friends or family, helped build what I am?

The art of living with former peers

Now I live my life as I hear it, and I do not waste time with people who want to control my choices. But lately, I was more concerned with what others thought.

Having friends with my items has earned me a lot of judgment.

I was a vicos who hoped to get him back, a viper who held him close to me to better hurt him, an idiot who did not know about social codes …

It had the same effect as when I announced a break with friends and they took the reflex to tell me immediately " Oh what a asshole it! "I drew about this mouth:

I know it's a good intention, but It does not make me so good, so we realize that I have spent months or years with a robbery.

Or that he's a messhole just because he wants to end our relationship.

And even if it's me who dropped it, it's a curse!

But no, in the end! An eruption is not a sign of evil. It's not terrible. It's not malicious. It is usually the relationship no longer allows one to flourish.

In most cases one does not break for the other: one breaks for themselves. And think of yourself, it's not something of asshole (or bitch). It is important.

So thank you, yes, thanks Ariana Grande for this tube, reminiscent of an ex, it's not an enemy, it's a person we shared a piece of life with.

And thank you Harold, thank you Julien, thank you Aurélien for making me who I am. I'm so damn grateful for my ex

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