Thalia's former girlfriend talks about his supposedly bad breath

adminDecember 29, 2018

Thalia I had bad breath. It was the rumor that began to circulate in the various media because of some statements by the Mexican actor Arturo Peniche, with whom the interpreter of "Cupid a la mexicana" originates in the novel & # 39; María Mercedes & # 39; in 1992.

A few months ago, Peniche was interviewed by the presenter Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who did not hesitate to put on the table commented on the rumor, as the actor indicated that everything was a misunderstanding, and what he had really told was a fun anecdote with Thalia.

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"One day he came and said," What do you think I ate? "He added" a mojarra with garlic "at that moment the singer would have opened his mouth a lot to throw him, intentionally, all his breath in his face.

"I said, your mother's daughter … But it made me a prank … I love her very much," she said.

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