Thalia surprises its fans with an unusual order at the end of the year

adminDecember 29, 2018


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The popular Mexican singer Thalia published a video on her profile of Instagram's social network with an unusual request, which gave all her fans speechless.

The comments have not been made waiting and it is not too small, the Mexican has asked to be kissed before the turn of the year. "Come kiss me before the turn of the year!" Read the aforementioned post to the singer.

In the video, 20 seconds long, Thalia wears a denim jacket that carries her name and a sexy red lip embroidered. While the Thalia models garment front and back, a sticky song plays in the background scattered with dozens of red lips.

Although it appears to be a campaign for this new garment, his successors have also interpreted the publication as a new challenge and have flooded the comments of the Mexican kisses.

"Hey, you want to kiss you, many kisses, you have a good 2019", "The star that revives itself and is still in power in the new generations and does not need scandals to continue to be an example", is some of the comments.

In August, the actor was also the protagonist of #ThaliaChallenge, one of the most popular challenges of 2018 at a rate that went viral on social networks.

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