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adminNovember 22, 2018

Teresa Giudice was furious after another heated fight with Melissa Gorga during the November 21 episode of "RHONJ". Will these sisters-in-law ever take each other? Discover more, here!

In the episode of November 21, The real housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Y Melissa it was for an accusation about Joe Gorga Not spending enough time with your dad. It was basically the same fight they had last week, but this time, Dolores He got involved. And if there is something that we have learned over the years by observing endless seasons of The real housewives, is that every time another housewife gets involved, drama ensues. The battle begins at a breakfast table in Oklahoma: the girls traveled south to join Margaret On a business trip, after Melissa revealed that she can have a lost sister a long time ago. Teresa could not believe that Melissa was getting excited for a girl she had never met, but she could not tell a shit about her and Joe's father, who is already very present in their lives. So as soon as Teresa sat down at the breakfast table, she let Melissa know exactly how she felt.

Teresa informed Melissa that Joe was actually going to spend time with her father since they were away. Then he accused Melissa of being the problem when it comes to why Joe does not spend so much time with his father: "This is what I realized. [Joe] spend more time with [my dad]. "Melissa then suggested that they talk about it later, without such a large audience, but Teresa went ahead. "I just want Joey to spend more time with his father," Teresa explained. And then Dolores intervened and said: "What I see that says is that when you're around, you do not have time for your father."

"Do not even say that," Melissa replied. Then, Dolores said that she believed that Melissa and Joe should have been at home on the anniversary of her mother's death, instead of spending the holidays as they were. "I know that Dolores considers herself as a family, but she is not, so she needs to stay out of this," Melissa replied. Teresa kept going, saying that Melissa needs to act like a good wife and control her husband, which led Melissa to do an excavation in Joe Giudice for being in jail. Teresa was furious after that and the ladies quickly took sides in the matter. Nothing was really resolved at the end of the episode, Teresa and Melissa shared a hug, but even Melissa admitted that the fight was far from over.

Meanwhile, Jackie Shared personal data about a past eating disorder. They want more RHONJ drama? Watch new episodes every Wednesday at 9pm in Bravo!

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