Terence Telle (DALS9) says about Shy & # 39; m: "She's looking forward to me!"

adminNovember 27, 2018

Terence Telle has just left the adventure with Dance with the stars 9. For this occasion, he looks back on the adventure and his relationship with Shy's …

Terence Telle has just been eliminated from the ninth season of Dance with the stars. At the end of the semifinal, Saturday, November 24, 2018, he answered the questions to our colleagues of "Télé-Loisirs". The opportunity to ask him some questions about his relationship with the singer Tamara Marthe. MCE tells you more.

Terence Telle returns to her relationship with Shy's

On TF1, Saturday the 24th of November, the Semifinal of Dance was held with the stars 9. Iris Mittenaere which had just been damaged. Clement Remiens and also Terence Telle competed for a place in the final. Unfortunately for Terence Telle, the adventure stops. But the partner to Fauve Hautot say nothing regret. Although he could not hide his disappointment, he claims he has lived a wonderful adventure. There are also very nice meetings. The 27 year old model just talked about her partner. But no one escaped …

Through the dancing season with the stars 9, Terence Telle and Shy seemed to be very good. A little later in the interview he confided. The beautiful brunette of 32 years did not hide his attraction to the apprenticeship. And Terence Telle did not work too, sensitive to her charm. "Shy is a very charming woman, I find it fun, intelligent. So obviously, she likes many people." I understood. We have many things in common. And for a prize, she complimented me and said that my advantage had set hearts in her eyes. And everything was packed. I really hope we will keep in touch because he is an extraordinary person. " Then the manikin trusted the interview.

Terence Telle leaves Dance with the stars 9

Terence Telle Also talked about his womb occurred at the beginning of November. This event would have allowed him to go even further in the competition. "To be honest, the day after my injury. I could certainly not move. And I told myself if everything had to stop because of it. It would be the worst thing that could happen to me. From the moment I knew I could dance again. I really dropped on the floor. This damage obviously reminded me of the order. "

But now that he has left the adventure, Terence Telle must only support his comrades. In this last it is already announced inflamed. as Iris Mittenaere or Clement Remiens will win the adventure? Reply on Saturday evening, on TF1.