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adminNovember 29, 2018

Season 3 of "Ten percent" has just finished on France 2 and will be available on Netflix from December 12th. But is season 4 already on its way?


Contrary to performances, the last episode of season 3 of ten percent, bringing together many guests appeared in earlier seasons, adorned with tasty cameos, is not the last round in the series France 2. A season 4 has already been written, but showrunneuse Fanny Herrero, who is also the creator, has chosen to pass his hand to acquire new projects for the mysterious moment. In order to take over, no less than two authors were sold: Victor Rodenbach and Vianney Lebasque, co-authors of The Great (OCS) series. As one of them said to him:it took two boys to take placeThe difference of one and a half years between each season suggests that the fourth appears on our screens in the spring of 2020 …

The last one?

There is still doubt that the fourth season of ten percent is also the last. That's how Fanny Herrero seemed to tell us a few months ago at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival: "I think the series does not go beyond season 4. That's what we say in the team, and it's also a personal taste: I like when a series stops so naturally, without being drained. I do not see 10 percent like a big fresco. It would surely always be the same pleasure to write these characters, but we must keep his convictions. I would like to avoid writing mechanically."

Except in the meantime, the manufacturer Dominique Besnehard, with his tongue still hung, told our colleagues Pure Media that he was not so sure anymore: "At the moment we are in season 4 … But people did not understand that I was kind? I said we only wanted two seasons, we have already done three … " In other words, everything is still possible. Until then, we have seen the Quebec version, and maybe even the British …

Camille Cottin says she is "very pleased with Andrew's career and what is it for?" In our interview:

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