Télévies piece: the casting is finally done!

adminNovember 30, 2018


Thirteen people will be able to play in the Télévie stage with the animators of RTL-TVI.

For the fifteenth edition of Télévie's game, RTL-TVI teams wanted to innovate. This year, several apprentices will be given the opportunity to join the cast retaliation, play by Eric Assous played by Jacques van den Biggelaar, Sandrine Corman, Luc Gilson and Anne Ruwet.

Following the release of the cast, 200 applications were received by RTL-TVI teams. However, only 45 auditions were performed under the jury's eyes, including Olivier Leborgne, director of this piece. They tried to make up the role of a real estate agent called Landru. A character, except for Télévie, is sometimes incarnated by a man, sometimes by a woman.

Finally, 13 candidates, five women and eight men were eventually chosen for the thirteen cities in which the game Télévie will be played from 11 January to 2 April. From Mons to Spa via Ottignies, Couvin, La Louvière, Auderghem, Rochefort, Gilly, Ath, Liege, Tubize, Neufchateau and Namur.

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