Tears for a great popular musician. Maria Ciobanu gets crushed by DOORS

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Everything will take place on March 19 at the Belu Cemetery. Unfortunately, Ionut and his mother, Maria Ciobanu, will not be present because their resident status in the US forces them to stay 6 months a year, according to b1.ro

In parallel with the incident prepared by Ionuţ Dolănescu, his younger brother, Dragoş Dolănescu, vice president of Costa Rica, wanted to organize another day earlier.

Both jobs will be led by Ion Dolanescus confessor Emil Cărămizaru, the parish priest of St. George's New Church, from 0 kilometers from the capital, where the two ceremonies will take place.

Ionuţ and Dragoş share wine, cages and packs of fast food, as the dates of 18 and 19 March are set at Easter fast.

Elena Udrea, what VESTE! Her lawyer did just the announcement shortly after

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