Taylor Swift with no makeup, or Photoshop (or "It's more expensive than Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez!")

adminJanuary 10, 2019

January 10, 2019
(17:05 CET)

There are not many celebrities who fear, literally, paparazzi. And that is of course when it's big celebrities They are used to posing in front of photographers or in photo shoots, very well done, great and with their best wales, when they are hunted by the street to the natural, take more than one scare.

Fortunately, more and more artists are striving to be natural and share the photos with their followers through social networks. And one of them is Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift with no makeup

The American singer has joined the fashion of Don't make up. At least in some pictures. And one of them still has a lot to talk about. And for good. As we can see in the picture, he hung his own Taylor A while ago, his followers continue to respond more than well.

They are more than two million people who have given as to an image where it is displayed Swift with his famous cat. An image without makeup, one hundred percent natural and it shows that the beauty of the American goes far beyond beauty products.

In fact, even though the artist is forbidden to comment on their networks, many in many forums praise the American beauty. And of course, there have also been those who wanted to compare it with two of celebrities that which Taylor, more they are petando.

famous without makeup selena gomez

In fact, the nights can read comments like "It is more expensive than Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez! "The problem too selena and Ariadne is that they do not come out as well as swift when they remove makeup. Or at least there is what many people on the network say, where they criticize the two while praising a Taylor It, makeup or not, destroys what she does.

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