Kanye West has been a vocal supporter of President Trump since the 2016 election. According to the New York Times, the rapper heads to Washington to have lunch with the president

It is the enmity of the famous that will not die. Except that this time, instead of Kanye West and Taylor Swift calling each other in song lyrics or taking subliminal shots in interviews, they have pulled out opposing politicians, apparently exchanging factions of their fanatics in the process.

Call it an unforeseen effect of the Donald Trump era that Swift and West have become representatives of the political division of the United States, in a way that nobody could have predicted almost a decade ago, when the destinies of the two stars collided in the Stage at the MTV Video Music 2009. Awards

It was in the VMA, of course, that West made Swift's speech famous, which sparked an enmity that revived in 2016 over West's song "Famous." And although both artists were never the most politically motivated of their peers at the time, both had quite different and opposing Reputations: the West as a liberal brand of fire, declaring that "George Bush does not care about blacks" on television live in 2005, donating money to Democratic candidates and occasionally rapping about racism and social justice, and Swift as The Love of Middle America, which purposefully stayed away from discussing politics in their interviews.

How different things are now. In the years since West declared that he was running for president in the 2015 VMA, he clung to an agitator he sees as a kindred spirit, President Donald Trump. After moving away from public appearances shortly after his summit with the president-elect at Trump Tower in 2016, West returned with a vengeance this year, bringing with him his Make America Great Again hat. He praised Trump on Twitter and, more recently, in a monologue of "Saturday Night Live" last week, once again, he deleted his social media accounts after embarking on several politically motivated tirades.

From associating with figures on the right to share their questionable take on slavery, West's political change has thrilled the conservatives: he has a visit to the White House with Trump and Jared Kushner, reportedly lined up for Thursday, while leaving it unrecognizable to fans who connected with their rap For a decade.

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As for Swift, he realized he refused to endorse a candidate during the 2016 election, which many interpreted as his silent approval of Trump. However, after returning from his own pause after fighting with West earlier that year, Swift increasingly shared his support for progressive causes and donated to charities that support victims of sexual assault after his trial groping in 2017 and publicly supported the March for our lives campaign, which seeks to end armed violence and promotes the reform of weapons.

However, it was not until Sunday that Swift made the leap to support the candidates; He posted a letter on Instagram that supports the candidates of the Tennessee Democratic Congress while condemning racism and discrimination.

The contrast was not lost on fans among the comments that West made in "SNL", where he stated that "if I was worried about racism, I would have moved from the United States a long time ago" and the language in Instagram of Swift. publication, in which he wrote: "I think the systemic racism that we still see in this country towards people of color is frightening, disgusting and prevailing." The incredible fans of West expressed their surprise on social networks that Swift, once seen as a noxious figure who played the victim to sully the name of West, has become the top ally.

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Like many other aspects of 2018, what fans feel about Kanye versus Taylor is reduced to how they feel about Trump, with the president praising West on Twitter by announcing on Monday that "Taylor's music likes a 25% less "after her Democratic support.

And as the same voices on the right that praise West begin to express their new aversions to Swift, with other commentators claiming that Swift actually "cares more for blacks" than West, the two artists are once again diametrically opposed, in a stranger way. What the fans would never have expected.

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