Taylor Swift, Kanye West and competitive Wokeness

adminOctober 11, 2018


And it is not just the normals who fall prey to this swarming effect. As We weekly it reminds us in its homonymous function: "The stars are like us!"

Recently, Taylor Swift urged her many fans to vote for the Democratic candidates in her adoptive state of Tennessee. In general, the fact that a celebrated pop star offers her thoughts about the political scene will not attract as much attention. What is different in Swift's case is that, at least so far, she has scrupulously avoided partisan politics, to the point that she has been denounced for her "political silence. "In an Instagram post, She explained recent events led her to be more open about her political beliefs, and I am sure that is true. More interesting to me, I confess that I am not an expert in Swift's inner life, it is what his intervention tells us about the broader cultural and political landscape.

Swift became a star when he was a teenager, when his political sensibilities were probably not yet fully formed. In addition, its initial success was in country pop, a genre closely associated with the most rural corners of the country. At this stage of her career, she and her team would have had good reason to believe that many of her most devoted admirers were conservatives who appreciated her upbeat lyrics and healthy image.

Since then, however, Swift has sought to broaden his artistic horizons and, as expected, transcend his origins of the middle class. Having achieved an insurmountable celebrity, he is now at the highest levels of the cultural industries, where liberalism awoke. of rigor and the outputs of it are stigmatized. His reluctance to explicitly embrace the center's left politics was, I suppose, somewhat costly to his reputation among the trendsetters. Critics who delighted in the enlightened political interventions of their colleagues took note of Swift's reluctance to affirm their vision of the world definitively, and reported how they received their work. Leaving politics aside, its apparent conventionality, its basic character, already made it suspect, and less interesting than artists who could more plausibly affirm marginalized identities. In the best of cases, Swift could be an ally for those who, in the theology of the awakening of liberalism, are the ones who most sympathize.

Given these incentives, I'm not sure Swift has had many options in this regard. Declaring that the Republican Marsha Blackburn & # 39; s conventionalThe conservative voting record "appeals and terrorizes" was the closest thing to what he could do. In fact, I do not doubt that there are many detractors who will demand that she offer more denunciations from the political right, moving away from the reduction of her global audience composed of conventional conservatives. It helps that most conservatives are so accustomed to enjoying the work of people who have them in low regard, that it is unlikely that reporting them will demand a large part of the cost and that, like columnist Josh Barro has observed, richer and more influential consumers "are more disproportionately left than the center of what they used to be". From a purely commercial perspective, Swift would have been foolish not to have made his political gesture. Otherwise, he would have been left open to the accusation that he does not detest the Republican Party and everything it represents, which would have posed an unacceptable risk to her standing in the eyes of those she wants to impress.


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