Tawi's son reveals a dangerous secret for the first time about the gigant of evil

adminNovember 26, 2018

Today, the memory of the death of the dead giant Tawfiq al-Dankin is dead.

Chances played a major role in the life of "The Duck", which combined tragedy with comedy.

His son, Madi Tawfiq al-Danq, said that his father had lived with the birth certificate to his deceased brother.

My father was a member of a rural family from the pool at seven in Menoufia. His father was Azharia and served as a lawyer. He married me more than once. My grandmother was among these marriages. After suffering, he had a child called Tawfiq,.

Ibn Tawfiq al-Dankin said, "This child died at the age of 3. After that, my grandmother gave birth to another child, my father and grandfather, that he calls him" Tawfiq. "He did not produce a birth certificate for my father who lived with his brother's death certificate.

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