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Monday, November 26, 2018

I wrote – Manal al-Jawushi:

Photography – Ahmed Trana:

"The best of honor is not enough." "The casket is an elephant." "The Prophet's Prayer is the Best." The Arab audience memorized it with the heart in memory of the Arab cinema, loved by the audience and known to present evil roles in a way that distinguishes it from other members of its generation. Despite its good humor and shadow in its normal life, the star Tawfiq al-Dukan is one of the most outstanding stars who have distinguished themselves in roles that demand unique artistic skills and talent.

Masrawy met counselor Madi Tawfiq Aldqn, the eldest son of the late star, and we had this meeting with him:

Beginning .. What is the story of "lost instead of" in the life of Tawfik Duck?

"My grandfather had a son who called him Tawfiq and was closely connected with him, but he went in mysterious circumstances at an age of three." He means a very ordinary child, no eye, does not have to sleep suddenly. Grandfather was very sad and my grandmother was a "pregnant" in my father. The grandfather did not take the death certificate to his deceased son, who was three years older than my father. When my father was born, my grandfather called Tawfiq and did not receive birth certificate. "I did not mean it." He always said, "I'm lost."

What is his real birthday?

His true date of birth was 3 May 1923, while in the official newspaper on May 3, 1920, his eldest brother was "5 girls and 3 boys".

Before you started art .. Was Tawfik the dancer already a sporty hero?

In fact, my father was a multi-talented, in the "Book" of the Minya Governorate village, rescued parts of the Quran and had a characteristic voice in the recital and became a famous athlete in our province and became a boxer.

My father played in Menia Club, and Al Ahly and Zamalek hit him. He was a "Zamalekawi". He was a football player, he loved football very much. Captain Abergela from Kam Kamna met me and met your father. He was a football player. Representation at school.

Tawfiq Aldqn had a position Tarif prevented him from joining Zamalek?

The Zamalek Club was King Farouk Club at that time, and honored everyone who plays in the club to join the military academy for 6 months to graduate an officer who plays in the club. To join the military college, he had to shave his hair "Null" and my dad loved his hair and was very proud of him so he refused to attend the king's club and joined the railway club.

Artist Rohia Khalid was the reason for the listing of your father's art. How then?

My father always said that his colleague and mentor Khalid's spirituality at the same time. Menia Sports Club organized its annual concert, which includes sports couples and theater work by one of the major teams coming from Cairo, hosting the daily spiritual band Khalid and Fotouh.

Before the ceremony started, Abdul Aziz Khalil was completely absent from the disease, and they sought an alternative to Khalil. During the search, the father had completed his fight with the Menia team, and when he left, he was surprised that a woman shouted, "He keeps him." My father was amazed by people who followed him. They ask him to represent the role before Khaled's spirit.

Then my father put in a small room with a window and he wished that when there was a door to get out of the street with great shame, what he acted in front of his friends did not seem to stand on the stage in front of the audience, come into "spirituality" and thanked him for the role, approval, holding the role and stopping on the stage in front of this entire audience.

How did the audience get it for the first time on stage?

After my dad had given the role, as well as the wicked role, people continued to applaud him for a long time, feeling that this applause had a taste different from the applause of the ball, describing the most beautiful and addressing his soul and soul, and felt that he must use himself for representation, Khaled and Fattouh, my activity leaves Minya and travels to Cairo to join the Institute's performance, especially when she predicted that he would become a star.

At that time my father worked in the Minya case, and even though he was going to Cairo, he should have left someone working in Cairo and want to move to Minya. In this case, he can convince his father to move to Cairo while still working at the same time. With these specifications and agreed in the case, as if it was a written scenario to become a cockroach, the star reconciles, and then settled in Cairo and worked in the morning and studied at the department at night.

Was there a clash between your father and grandpa after his wish to shop?

The emergence of my religious grandfather and the appearance of society at the representative's time and profession as acting as a whole stood a barrier between my father and his desire to act. The appearance of acting was only good after major theater groups like George White, Youssef Wehbe and Zaki Tulaimat had arrived. And I saw Europe's "sanctification" for the artist, and these things were absent from Egypt's collective consciousness so that this clash does not occur, my father hid my grandfather from his professional representation, and then my grandfather died and decided to transfer my parents to Cairo.

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