Tawfiq al-Dankin's death on November 26, 1988

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Is the owner of the most beautiful elephants in the Egyptian cinema, which expresses the brightness even in the roles of evil, including "sweeter than glory Mfish" and "Alo Oh Um" and "oh ah ah" and "Alo Yahmabka" to the devil in the wickedness and comic roles as he worked in radio and television. He presented the theater with the games "Al Dughery", "The Beginning and the End", "The Railway of Safety" and "The Prairie".

Al-Masry Al-Youm had a conversation with his son, Professor Madi Tawfiq al-Dokn, a lawyer ruling that Tawfiq al-Dikn was born May 3, 1923 in the village of Horin in Birka el-Sabaa, Menoufia province. He grew up in a religious family of five girls And his father loved him greatly because of his older brother's death, born in 1920. When Tawfiq was born, the father did not receive his birth certificate but he lived after the birth certificate of his brother as died. Tawfiq came to the village book to remember the Quran and became the primary from "Then he got preparation and guidance.

When he wanted to help his father with the burdens of life, he worked with the accounts in the railways. Madi added a hint that we did not know about tinkering. He played a simpler wing in the Minya team and played in the railway club before the accident led to the scene. His family in Minya had a novel on the scene of the Muslim youth community. Abdul Aziz Khalil was not found. Ruhiya Khalid and Fattouh did not find the role of the prostitute who was successful and advised him to go to Zaki Tulaimat.

He began his artistic career since he was a student at the department through small roles. And then he joined after the end of the free theater for seven years and then became a member of the National Theater and became a member before the mentioned retirement and the most famous film conflict in the harbor and Darab Mahabil and Ibn Hamido and the secret to the shyness of our house and a man and the daughter of Hatta and Almaz and Abdo Hamouli and Nasser Salah al-Din and the Prince of Knowledge and Marathi Director-General and narratives from a deputy in the countryside and the culprits and a journey inside a woman and the door of the minister and the strong and Egyptian and shared and Then Saad Al-orphan and the forms of gratitude and honor received by the syringe are many, including the first-class medal for science and art, in 1965 by President Abdel Nasser and Profit in 1978. Art of President Sadat died at "Today's Agreement Ze" on November 26, 1988

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