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adminOctober 18, 2018

A trip back to Murder House means Tate and Violet! The favorite characters of the fans returned on the October 17 episode of "AHS". Have Violet's feelings about Tate changed since season 1?

It is hard to believe that almost 7 years have passed since the American Horror Story: Murder House final. That first season of AHS He gave us Tate and Violet, one of the most beloved couples within the AHS universe. After all these years, Tate still sees Ben. Violet still does not talk to Tate, who is desperate for him to give her another chance. "You are the only thing I need!" He shouts. He tells Ben that Violet ignores the "torture".

The reason we're back at Murder House is because Madison and Behold are looking for answers about Michael Langdon. While they are inside, they learn that Vivien almost killed Michael, but Tate saved her. Vivien tells Madison and behold, Tate is not Michael's father. She says that Michael "was born of the evil of this house" and that "the source of darkness is his real father". Michael is here to destroy the world. Cool. Simply great

Evan Peters Taissa Farmiga

As he leaves, Madison sees Violet crying. Madison is aware that there is something between Tate and Violet. Violet says he can not be with Tate because he is a monster. "It does not look like a monster," says Madison.

Violet admits that it is "torture" to ignore Tate every day. "He was not the real evil here," says Madison. She helps Violet to see the truth, and Violet does it. Now he knows that Tate saved his mother. She finally allows Tate to return to his life. "I'm sorry for everything," Tate shouts. Violet responds: "I know." Now Tate and Violet can be together in peace for the rest of eternity. As a carrier of Tate and Violet, I'm on the moon with the way this episode ends. WE HAVE OUR TATE AND VIOLET ENDGAME!

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