Tatán Mejía published a nude of wife Maleja Restrepo and the nights were crazy

adminDecember 30, 2018

"My vision today", wrote the motorcyclist and popular youtubes next to a picture he shared with his followers.

Sebastián Mejía joined Maleja Restrepo to a beautiful place in Quindío to disconnect from the city and get in direct contact with nature, but at the same time have a bit of intimacy with his wife.

Proof of this is a picture that Tatán himself shared in his Instagram account, where he observes Malaya naked, back, sitting, with unknown hair and a newly grown face, but in the background, a colorful and beautiful dawn in the middle of nature.

The photo went crazy to thousands of supporters of the couple, who made suggestive comments to the point of not only confirming it "Give them the dawn"but they were "Looking for a little Tatán" or "The third baby".

Despite the large number of raised messages, many also expressed again admiration that the couple produces for the love that caleña and manizalita have and their authenticity.

How is the picture?

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