Tarkan celebrates EIA cancellation

adminDecember 27, 2018

The positive settlement decision of De Térerlendirme (Environmental Impact Assessment) for the Gulf Tube Transition Project, which is scheduled to be implemented in İzmir, was canceled by Izmir 3. Administrative Court who investigated the file. The pop music singer Tarkan, after the court decision, shared the Twitter account "very good decision for the Flamingos" note.

A lawsuit was filed for cancellation of "VVS positive" decision for the Gulf Tube Transition Project in Izmir. Izmir Chamber of Chambers of Turkish engineers and architects face the case opened by about 80 citizens, the third administrative court in Izmir, "EIA positive" decision, the project's northern axis passes through a very important conservation area, the protection status of the protected areas in the southern part of the route and agricultural area to be protected During the realization of the project, the water temperature in the ecosystem and the exchange of water with the sea will change, and this will lead to the elimination of artifacts, which are the most important connection in the flame chain.

TARKAN showed love with sharing

The court's decision made the pop music actor Tarkan happy and environmentalists. Tarkan, who shares his feelings by publishing a message through his Twitter account, said he was very happy. Tarkan, social media account, odd Gediz delta and flamingos very comfortable decision. I am so happy. I hope our natural landscapes and beauties are also protected. Kalan

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