Tania Ribas de Oliveira in tears. Find out what happened to the hostess

adminDecember 28, 2018

Tania Ribas de Oliveira was in tears after watching the movie A star is born, with the lead role Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The film, which tells the story of a young singer and the relationship she created with another musician, managed to bring the presenter to a state of crying.

The RTP hostess has not been able to hold back tears, and even after she leaves the theater, she says she continues to cry every time she remembers the scenes she has seen.

In social networks, companion of José Pedro Vasconcelos, shared some of the feelings she still nourishes every time she remembers Lady Gaga and the Bradley Cooper movie.

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"I already knew I should love this movie, but I didn't know how sweeping it was. I cried the whole movie and I kept crying as I left the theater. is amazing … as simple as anyone to see in the other light that then passed indifferently to the rest of the world, "wrote the presenter classifying the story and the film itself as" unmissable ".

Text: WIN Writing – Digital Content; Pictures: Impala and Reproduction Instagram

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