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adminNovember 28, 2018

The home only takes the good.

farm He has the first mixed duel. How the winner came out of it Martin Šmahel and agricultural odyssey ended up Tana Brunay. Their match was very exciting, but Martin eventually got 3: 1 convincing.

Although it did not look like it first, because Táňa had the top of cutting the cabbage. In the end, the triumph of the first discipline came from its own mistake as she left too much of the deer. In the quiz she won, but in the next two rounds she went for a shorter end.

"For me, I leave nothing, I'm just taking the good out of the farm, and I leave all the bad things," she said in goodbye, and thanked all the farmers. The longest swung with Petrom Harezníkom, with tears.

Farm X will continue on Monday, November 26 at 21:20 at Markiza

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