Tamer Karadağli little daughter Zeyno surprised everyone with her change

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Tamer Karadagli married in 2002 with the Arzu Balkan baby born of the name Zeyno is now the young girl.


In 2007, the Tamer Karadağli-Arzu divorce Balkan couple took Zeyno in their arms one year before their separation. Tamer Karadagli recently shared the latest version of her daughter Zeyno & nbsp; Social Media account share. Zeyno Karadağli, who is now 12 years old, surprised everyone with their change. Young girl began to wear glasses, her hair cut into a completely different one. Zeyno, an active social media user, plays the piano successfully. Zeyno, who shares her photos with her mother and father in an Instagram account, has close to 11,000 followers.

"The relationship is not just night"

The Balkans, his ex-wife cheats on Russian women, "Tamer Russian women did not kiss him after a long time after hearing it … The relationship with the sea was not a single night he was a real relationship. Had been found in the descriptions. met the couple after a couple of years after their divorce, and recently met at a joint acquaintance's wedding, and Tamer from Montenegro's social media account shared that "Old Wives met." Tamer Karadağli, a Turkish actress and voice actor of Azeri origin, plays a role in the children's hymn, which he has played for years and currently aired in Channel D. The 47-year-old Arzu Balkan is currently not involved in a project.

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