Take a look at Nicole Kidman's intense performance, worthy of an Oscar

adminOctober 17, 2018


We have reached the time of year when the movies and performances that will probably be noticed in the annual awards begin to appear. One thing that those who award prizes like to see often is an actor who assumes a different role from the ones they have done before. Something that transforms them physically and emotionally. If that's what the next Oscar for the best actress will win, it's possible that Nicole Kidman has become the favorite. Take a look at the first trailer of Destroyer.

Destroyer follows a police officer from the Los Angeles Police Department who, as a young officer, was secretly placed with a gang. The experience has had lasting consequences on the officer who is in the foreground when the leader of the gang emerges many years later. In the trailer, we see how the story changes between the two periods of time and we glimpse what the character was forced to do, and what he could have done by choice, to join the gang. And we see the woman in whom she has now become as a result.

The transformation is not a sufficient word to describe what we see of Nicole Kidman here. When the trailer went from the initial scene of the woman with the baby, to the next moment with an older woman talking to a teenager, I honestly did not realize at the beginning that the latter was Nicole Kidman.

The following moments did not help when we see that the woman is a tough cop. It's not exactly the kind of role we're used to seeing the actress. It was not until several seconds of not seeing Nicole Kidman that I realized I was watching her all the time. Between the look and the accent, she disappears on paper.

Of course, this is just a trailer, so it just shows us something of what Destroyer will bring us and has been edited to show us something specific. Even so, the trailer includes quotes from numerous critics who have been lucky enough to see the movie. Although sometimes they can be taken out of context, they seem to be singing the praises of Kidman and the movie in general.

These types of transformations often receive prize notifications because playing against the type is the most obvious proof that someone is "acting". It happens when the actors known for the comedies make the transition to serious roles, although this is more like a Charlize Theron in Monster type of transformation.

Destroyer He is currently touring the festival circuit. It will have its big launch in North America on Christmas day. While Christmas is a popular release date for movies, since it's a popular day for many to go to the movies, I'm not sure this is a holiday season that people are looking for. That said, it looks like it will be a movie worth watching.


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