Take a look at Aquaman's Ocean Master and Vulko riding fresh underwater creatures

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After years of waiting, Aquaman It finally heads to theaters in just a couple of months, and we're getting some great looks at life in the ocean that we can expect to see in DCEU's latest blockbuster. The movie has been joking us with more shots of the action that will treat us and some of that could apparently include Vulko (Willem Dafoe) and King Orm (Patrick Wilson) riding some unlikely beasts. Have a look:

Of course, when I say unlikely, I mean only what we know about what types of animals can be used for reliable transportation. Clearly, when it comes to getting from one place to another in the ocean, we have been losing ourselves.

The director of Aquaman, James Wan, published this great look at Vulko and Orm riding two very different animals throughout their underwater realms. Vulko is on a hammerhead shark, while Orm is standing fiercely on an animal that I can admit he had never heard before, a tilosaur.

While most of you will probably know what a hammerhead shark is, if you are not familiar with its prehistoric marine life, it will be as dark with the tilosaur as I am. More commonly known as tilosaurus, this animal was a predatory marine lizard that averaged 40 feet in length, which probably used its long snout to ram and stun its prey, and also for combat. So, you know, it was dangerous.

One of the coolest aspects of taking a look at these photos of Aquaman is to see how these animals will be equipped in the film. Not everyone who is content with just throwing a saddle over a hammerhead shark or a tiosaur, each creature clearly bears armor. With Vulko's hammerhead shark (Hammy? I think I'll call him Hammy.) It's the most obviously equipped with a protective coating that covers almost all of its upper half, and Orm's tilosaur (obviously called Ty) seems to be, at least, using the equipment Your snout and upper back.

Vulko may seem totally calm in his photo, but considering the amount of armor Hammy wears, I'm going to guess he might be about to fight, or at least be doing a training run so that he and Hammy are fully prepared for anything. . Upcoming conflicts Orm, meanwhile, seems ready to throw himself out of Ty, Trident in hand, pissed off and ready to hook whoever he thinks has offended him.

Part of what has finally been revealed about the plot of Aquaman Orm, who is Arthur Curry's half-brother and has been ruling in his absence, will be eager to start a war with the surface world over pollution of the oceans, while Arthur will be interested in trying to keep the peace and find a non-combat solution. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that both images show beasts ready for battle and a clearly angry Orm.

We can all be delighted with our anxious eyes of how these scenes are used in Aquaman When the film opens on December 14.


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