Sylvie Meis: Crazy love show! Here she shows herself with her beard on the beach

adminDecember 30, 2018

Sun, beach and hot kiss – Sylvie Meis just reveling in the happiness of love. And on the usual love holiday with Bart Willemsen it is quite close to business. It looks suspiciously like honeymoon!

Love kisses, on water and on land. Sylvie Meis (40) doesn't seem to get enough of her new one. And with the well-educated film producer Bart Willemsen (29), the beautiful blonde has a really sexy guy on the hook. On paparazzi photos from their Malibu holiday, the two put on a more dear love show. But in a picture of her insta story, another detail captures the eye, which makes us scare. Do they already train for honeymoon?

If you want to see more of the warm love holiday, and especially what suspicious details stand out, please click on the video above.

With this sweet love post, she confirmed her relationship:

She shows us her new friend!


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Has she finally found the great love?

For Sylvie Meis, everything seems to be right. The former Supervisory lawyer has not only brought his own TV show ("Sylvie's Lingerie Models" on RTL) to the market but also gets a new man on her side. And she really deserves it after all the setbacks in the form of love. At first she had a secret from her relationship with Bart. Since mid-December it's official: the two are a couple!

After phases of self-discovery, the beautiful Dutch girl now seems to have come to her own. The more exciting now is the model and her eleven-year younger performance.

Met during the shooting

Sylvie and Bart are said to have met while filming the movie "Misfit". Bart co-produced the Dutch cinema comedy. Already in October, the 40-year-old had announced on Facebook that she would be seen there in the role of strict teacher Ms. Himmelmann. The theatrical release is scheduled for March 14, 2019. We cannot wait to see what new details the two lovebirds will surprise us to then.

"I am so infinitely grateful that I am allowed to live" – ​​these words are incredibly moving:

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