Sweden's Oscar: Only two years old and the prince is already skiing!

adminJanuary 7, 2019

Oscar from Sweden is on holiday with the family in the snow and already shows his skiing figures. The royal tots are not yet three years old! For a short while, the prince seems to have forgotten to slow down, because it almost came to a crash with her sister Estelle.

A little time away from the hustle and bustle of the farm Рit had apparently wanted Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden (41) and Prince Daniel (45) for her family. That is why the kings have retreated to the mountains. For their fans, the court has now released a video of the four, showing it on the piste. Especially Nesthäkchen Oscar (2) has completely confused us. The little prince is only two years old, but stands on the boards as if he had done nothing else for years.

Still, Oscar does everything to avoid falling – even if it means taking a certain protective attitude. Just too sweet! Dad Daniel takes care of his kids and watches them every second. Mama Victoria, on the other hand, is the only one with ski school and keeps the distance. Her lover has rascals even without them under control. See yourself in the video above.

Decoration and song: Victoria & Co. prepared for Christmas

Just before Christmas, the royal family had already given a glimpse into privacy. A video (see below) showed her making deco and singing carols. At Oscar Victoria, little Oscar sounds his voice and gives a Swedish song for the best. Meanwhile, her sister Estelle (6) squeezes diligently on the Advent wreath. Father Daniel finally hangs up the bands decorated with ribbons. Happy family happiness in royal house – amazing that you shared those moments with us!

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