"Survivor R. Kelly": Songs by TV documentary in the police

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Having broadcast the documentary film "Surviving R. Kelly," accused prosecutors in various US states. They are now investigating allegations of pedophilia and sexual abuse of the singer.

District Attorney's office in Cook County, Illinois, called witnesses to report on a press conference Tuesday. "Get in touch," said prosecutor Kim Foxx. "We cannot identify without the cooperation of victims and witnesses."

Prosecutor Kim Foxx

AP / Teresa Crawford

Prosecutor Kim Foxx called the claims "very, very disturbing." But she was also criticized herself.

The six-hour documentary was sent last week at Sender Lifetime. In that, several women accuse the singer of having sexual relations with girls under the age of 16 when he was of legal age.

Process already in 2008

Other witnesses assure that the singer, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, has surrounded herself with women to make them addicted to each other and that today they are not in contact with their relatives. Foxx described the claims as "very, very disruptive." She was in contact with the families of two young women who were under the influence of R. Kelly.

The first public charges against R. Kelly came almost 20 years ago. In 2002, the singer and producer were accused of filming, where he was said to have looked sexy with a 13-year-old. He was then charged in 14 points and was acquitted in 2008. Kelly and the then alleged victim, who already grew up in the trial, both refused to be watched on the video.

Reports of threats from the manager

Attorney Foxx of Illinois said there were no investigations in his state. In the state of Georgia, local media reported that the Fulton District Procuratorate has launched a survey of the singer.

A Georgian man involved in the documentary "Survivor R. Kelly" accused the singers leader of threatening him. According to a police report, Timothy Savage said Kelly's manager Don Russell had written to him that it was better that the documentary was not sent – better for him and his family. Russell also told Savage liars and threatened to publish information that would ruin his reputation. These claims are now also being considered.

R. Kelly

Reuters / Phil McCarten

R.Kelly became famous with "I think I can fly" and also won a Grammy in 1997.

The Grammy winner himself did not comment publicly on the new claims. His Chicago lawyer Steve Greenberg rejected the allegations as false. "Ten and a half years after he was innocently spoken, and just to fill up time in reality TV, someone comes up with a new round of stories. No one has found any sex slaves or underage girls because there is no one," says Greenberg "He also criticized the prosecutor violently. She has considered the claim that she only knows from television even before there is a survey." Who judges evidence based on reality TV?

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