Surprise! New signing Nathalie causes touch

adminJanuary 8, 2019

It was a series "The Bachelor" and already the roses are relatively new mixed. For now, Andrej Mangold can look forward to a brand new potential partner.

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Nathalie is the name of the new "Der Bachelor". Ten years ago, the trained social workers from Brazil moved to Germany and currently live near Bielefeld.

Nathalie is looking for a man for yes

The 25 year old is currently working for a pastry shop. If Andrei Mangold Nathalie also finds biting? The new rose candidate hopes a lot for her participation in the coup show. She is looking for a man who "gives her the feeling of security and to whom she can finally give the admonition", says a press release from RTL.

Nathalie's great passion is modeling. As part-time she stands for online stores in front of the camera. She spends her free time with her friends, with whom she likes to dance. She has been single for over a year and will now change it.

Nathalie: The 25 year old has been single for more than a year. (Source: RTL MG D)Nathalie: The 25 year old has been single for more than a year. (Source: RTL MG D)

In competition with 17 other women

That's exactly what 17 other young women, who had passed the bachelor's last week, want it right. He already sent three singles home. Maria, Eva, Jennifer and Co. is certainly not particularly pleased with new competitors.

Current season is set in Mexico. As every year, the bachelor lives in a beautiful villa with pool, garden and perfect views. A total of 18 women are now fighting for the heart of the former professional basketball player. In the last episode Andrei Mangold will visit the helicopter to his candidate for the rose.

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