Surprise in showbiz! Mihai Gruia from Akcent and his wife divorced after 10 years

adminDecember 27, 2018

Mihai and Laura Gruia were a discreet couple in the Romanian showbiz. Their love story lasted for over ten years. In 2008, the former Akcent singer and her partner were married, not Andreea Banica and Lucian Mitrea, and in 2014 they became parents. Mihai and Laura have two little girls: shortly after the artist's wife gave birth to Natalia, they adopted a two-year-old girl Ana. For their sake, they did not choose to live on the divorce. According to, Mihai and Laura agreed to divorce six months ago, but they remained good friends and even spent their holidays together.

They adopted a little girl shortly after Laura was born

Mihai and Laura Gruia have two children together, one of the girls being adopted. In 2014, the wife of former Akcent member Natalia brought to the world, and soon the two took Ana.

"On one of the days when I was in the orphanage, I saw her and we got stuck, she had a year and two months," Laura said! Magazine.

And Mihai was conquered by the child, especially because he saw him when she was Ana's age. "When I was young, I was black and I had long hair, all of them were Mowgli, and when I saw her, they first told those who took care of her that she was Mowgli. I got the chicken and I said, "Is Mowgli? Then it must be ours! ", The artist said in an interview with Ok! Magazine.

Both were baptized in the same year, and the gods were Andre and Cătălin Măruţă.

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