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adminJanuary 9, 2019

Demet Akalin Serkan Uçar and his family get very angry with the family of Ece Early, Akalin "2 months ago Serkan Ucar and his family say the heavy words Demet Akalin, Serkan Uçar and his sister Güldeniz Ucar follow and match socially media, I couldn't believe it was that bad, but it was so bad! I didn't want to talk about it was not my child Ten This is the real face of Demet Akalin, but his first job with Gülben has struggled with Ergen to following Erhan Çelik, had used the terms.


Then the famous singer Demet Akalin had issued an order. According to the decision, the threat of violence against Akalın for an early month, not insults, humiliation or humiliation, including words and behavior, will be found.


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Alişan, a close friend of Ece Erken, supported Early Social Media. Alişan shared his photos and dropped the following note:

He is our beloved … According to him … What kind of mother is her child, how to try herself alone to make a good future for her father, victims, friendship and anytime I have always wondered … time for each other .. We didn't try to score the most delicious points to each other! … alone for years who fought this loved one !!, respectful! in the mosque … I think this message has been taken by those who want to … We are with you all the time, my dear.

Alişandan Ece Erkene support

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