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To see how docile Ben Lockwood became the evil Agent Liberty, here is our Supergirl review and review of "The Man of Steel."

Once Supergirl falls to Earth after the Mercy Graves attack, Brainiac warns Alex that the entire planet has been infected. Alex calls J'onn to find her. He leaves Agent Liberty's rally and rescues her just before the impact, returning to the DEO with a seriously injured Supergirl.

Alex guesses that the lead dispersion device was reused to propagate kryptonite. Then, she suggests that they use one of Winn's old devices to "expel" the poison.

Referring to two years before, we find Ben Lockwood and his family, specifically his anti-alien father, Peter. It uses the word "cockroaches" three times in a minute and continues with the alien conspiracy in the United States. Later, Ben takes his father to work and learns that his father's steel factory can not make ends meet, since Nth metal production begins in the city.

When they arrive at the factory, they find a violent disturbance between foreign workers and humans. Ben stands between them until a nervous alien accidentally shoots Ben with one of his points. Supergirl and the DEO arrive on the scene (Alex is wearing a wig, or …?) And saves Ben, but the emotional damage is done.

Yes, I think it's a wig Alex is using. Very Dana Scully circa season 10.

Alex is not very nice with Ben, just as J'onn is not with his father. Both question why the so-called FBI would work with Supergirl, who is attacked once again elsewhere.

Meanwhile, we travel to L-Corp just as it is being rechristened Luthor Corp. As Pete mentioned, Lockwood's steel factory lost the contract to help redesign it, which reiterates that Supergirl is back somewhere in season 1 before Lena celebrated the name change ceremony that was sadly interrupted by Metallo.

While Lena plans a charity event, Ben bursts in to ask why he decided not to hire Lockwood Family Steel. In addition to saving her time to respond, she encourages Ben and his father to keep up and recognize that Nth metal is the future.

Eight months later, Ben stops one of his usual conferences to move to a monologue about progress. He questions whether the Foreign Amnesty Law helped all Americans and asks their students to consider who pays the price each time progress is made, as if the inconvenience that the white person who had to report must feel was really the same. to arrest Rosa Parks. For not giving up your seat.

Hard times continue to fall on the Lockwood family until they witness the transmission of Rhea during the Daxamite invasion. Apparently, Ben missed the previous memos that indicated that all the damage in seasons 2 and 3 was caused by a single man and a single man, rhyme with Smon-fall.

The Lockwood family is preparing to flee during the invasion, but a fight between the Martian hunter and a Daxamite soldier causes his entire house to catch fire. To be fair, that's pretty horrible. I mean, who pays for all the damages? Where is Batman v. Superman Bruce Wayne paying reparations for all Iron ManIs it Superman's chaos when you need it?

Two months after the incident (which is a year before the current date), we catch up with Cat Grant acting as the President's press secretary and dodging as many foolish questions as possible while James watches his former CatCo. Office and receives Professor Lockwood for a quick meeting.

Ben asks why James is such a bad editor in chief and if he could do more to give people voices. James reminds him that his coverage of the Daxamite invasion won over a Pulitzer (if you want to spread the unearned estimate anywhere, just say you won a Pulitzer, right?) And share that Lena now owns CatCo.

For his next lesson, six months later, Ben gives a lecture on nativism in a classroom full of human and foreign students. Based on simple biology, he argues that it is impossible for humans to keep up with aliens. One of his students accuses him of xenophobia, which attracts the attention of the school board. The dean asks him to resign and take a leave without pay, to Ben's horror.

Supergirl season 4

Supergirl – "Man of Steel" – Image Number: SPG403_Still_2.jpg – Pictured (LR): Sam Witwer as Ben Lockwood / Agent Liberty and Melissa Benoist as Kara / Supergirl – Photo: The CW – © 2018 The CW Network, LLC All rights reserved.

In an attack of indignation, he follows one of his students to the aliens' bar, where he accuses her of having betrayed him. Fortunately, it's karaoke night, and Kara is in place to intervene. He asks Ben if he should sing Beastie Boys or the "Toto" from Africa (interesting selection there, Supergirl.), then forces it out.

They spend another couple of months while Ben distributes flyers on the boardwalk trying to recruit more citizens for their cause. Finally, Otis Graves finds him and encourages Ben to "keep spreading the good word." Of course, this is just a few moments before Alura and Supergirl save the city during the "Battles Lost and Won" attacks. Ben goes to great lengths to rescue his father, who is trapped under a steel beam in his factory, but, unfortunately, is not Supergirl and, therefore, is useless. That … is not the kind of message Supergirl subscribes to.

At Peter's funeral, Ben urges everyone to "never give up." Lena attends the funeral, looking more like a woman's piece for The chilling adventures of Sabrina than a simple National City billionaire. She offers to set up a fund for the Lockwoods, but Ben refuses to even listen. She warns him that he will eventually become like Lex, but unfortunately, Ben has already passed the point of no return.

Instead of getting hit and just sitting on the couch of your local Barnes and Noble, gather several of your friends and burn the Nth metal factory. An alien escapes from the fire, the same one that accidentally injured Ben before, so Ben takes a pipe and hits it on the head.

His reign of fear continues as he gathers more people to his cause. In fact, she manages to convince Dean Warren to join him once he finds out that she is in the same miserable financial situation she once was.

Once Mercy Graves learns that Ben is hunting and killing aliens, she provides him with a body armor and focuses on a more important cause: exposing President Marsdin as an extraterrestrial. At first, Ben is skeptical, but she hands him a file of Fiona and places him on the path that will eventually lead him to the chilling moment at the end of "American Alien."

More importantly, it leads to the current kryptonite attack on Supergirl. His condition gets worse and, despite Alex's best ideas, Brainiac promises that there is nothing he can do. Then, she calls someone else to help – Lena Luthor. "It means a lot to us, to me, that you're always here when we need you the most," Alex says.


Lena delivers a portable exoskeleton that acts as a "radiation controlled environment" and the new Supergirl costume. Until they can figure out how to detoxify the atmosphere, Supergirl will have to stay inside what appears to be a poison-like parasite by making her best impression of Iron Man.

In Mercy's Evil Hideout (after all, I think she's wearing the pants), she decides it's time to kill Agent Jensen. However, Agent Liberty comes up with a better plan and asks Jensen to pick them up at the DEO instead.

Check out the preview for next week's episode:

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