Superfan & # 39; Rocky & # 39; classifies the franchise, from worst to best

adminNovember 21, 2018

If the sequel had been a failure, it is possible that the future franchise has been torpedoed, and it would stall us if Stallone threw all his energy behind "Stop! O My Mom Will Shoot" sequels to the deceased, great Estelle Getty. The alternate reality is terrifying.

Fortunately, his follow-up was bright enough to build the bridge so that Rocky could live to fight Drago (Dolph Lundgren), buy Paulie a talking robot, open a restaurant in Philadelphia and train the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed. Therefore, Rocky II is fundamental and deserves second place.

The sequel is full of classic lines like "Condominiums, I never use them" and Mickey's inspiring quote: "You're going to eat lightning." You are going to shit thunder. "Leaving aside the great phrases, this film establishes the narrative that will guide each subsequent film: no matter how difficult the Italian stallion tries to pass from boxing, it will be returned to the ring in some capacity.

Now that he is a married man trying to find an honest job, Rocky, who only has a ninth grade education, is struggling to pay the bills. Frustrated with his non-career and motivated by Creed's endless public calls for a rematch, he decides to fight again, against the wishes of his new girlfriend, Adrian.

And central to the endearing nature of Rocky II is Adrian emerging as his muse.

After she faints, gives birth to her son and slips into a vaguely explained coma, Rocky is distracted from the training and does nothing but sit next to him in the hospital and pray in the church. But when she wakes up and tells her to win, it is when the light comes on and the exciting training montage is delivered.

With Adrian's wind on his back, he is catching chickens and inspiring half of Philadelphia's youthful population to run through the streets with him and up the steps of the art museum.

And he does it all while wearing a gray holey sweatshirt: a dress Vetements could be sold for $ 1,000 now. As for the fight, we see that his first fight with Creed was not a coincidence. I'm crying just thinking about it.

Hidden delight: In one scene, Rocky is washing his puppy, Butkus, in his bathtub and behind him are the Holiday Inn towels, which means he's like us: he steals the hotel towels.

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