Summary of "This Is Us" – Season 3, episode 8: "Six Thanksgiving"

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The title of We areThe Thanksgiving episode promises "Six Thanksgiving", and you can bet on your turkey feathers that The show delivers each of these parties.

The Pearsons and their friends gather to ask for the blessing of the Lord in various timelines and locations, with varying degrees of joy. We meet with the older children of Miguel (they are a few) and we see how Randall's campaign hits a serious wall. We see that William knows someone special and Tess reaches a great milestone (and tells us a little secret).

And finally, a long time ago, in a very, very distant war, we discovered exactly how Jack got that necklace.

Read on to see the highlights of the episode.

This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615PEARSON FUN TIMES | The episode begins with a shot of Rebecca crying, but it turns out that she's just chopping onions for Thanksgiving dinner. Guys, the show is officially trolling us. When Jack enters the kitchen, we can judge by his kid that we are at the point of the timeline of The Big 3 are teenagers and things are going to get really bad.

Rebecca notes that it is the last Thanksgiving with the children still living in the house, and perhaps they made a mistake by skipping a giant and extended family evening. "Oh, come on," Jack reassures her. "Our families are horrible." (Heh.) Also, Miguel will come because it's his first Thanksgiving since he and Shelly divorced, and she has children for the day.

Mom and dad Pearson are surprised to hear the laughter coming from the living room, where their three sullen teenagers have a good time talking about the essay essay question from Randall University. Or rather, Kate and Kevin are making fun of their brother, and he does not seem so hurt by that.

The question in question: "Which person has had the most impact on your life?" K & K thinks his answer should be about the fireman who took him to the hospital the day he was born, and Jack agrees. But Randall is talking about how the question is fundamentally flawed and that everyone laughs when Miguel arrives. He is arguing with Shelly on the phone, and makes the room go down. Quick.

EVERYBODY LOVES JACK PEP TALK! | Miguel has a hard time getting rid of his Christmas sorrows, which culminate in the moment he has to leave the room before he starts crying at the Pearsons table. Jack finds his tearful friend in the living room, where he has a great guilt for not being a great father. "We both know he was not there for Andy and Amber as he should have been," Miguel laments. "Work was always first, and now I'm paying the price."

Jack acknowledges that Miguel spent too much time in the office, but he also remembers the time when Miguel learned to play golf just to become an important player who could do business on the green. And once Miguel feels a little better, Jack advises him to keep trying with Amber and Andy: "You do not want to be 65 and not know your grandchildren."

This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615BETH V. JAE-WON, ROUND 1 | Currently, Beth and Randall are discussing the dining room that their campaign is organizing that day and … wait, Randall has just come out of the bathroom with only his boxer shorts, and I'm going to need a minute.

Where were we? Oh right, she thinks Jae-won does not like the fact that she's working for the campaign, but Randall tells her she's wrong. After all, he reminds her that she has come up with a million good ideas in the few weeks she has been on the payroll.

So the whole family (except Tess, who stays behind because she does not feel well), drives two hours to Philadelphia, where Jae-won is quite upset because Beth changed the location of the charity meal. Councilman Brown, he argues, is handing out turkeys in the district's largest soup kitchen, which also receives the most attention from the press.

"We do not need a picture, Randall needs to connect with people," says Beth, which is great and all, but one can Do both – plus, says a frustrated Jae-won, Randall needs votes. The candidate takes Jae-won aside and says that Beth is the "field director" of the campaign, and then closes any other discussion by saying, "That's my wife, and she is the truth." And it is not open to discussion. "

This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615BETH V. JAE-WON, ROUND 2 | While Annie and Deja work on the line, with Deja calmly remembering what it was like to be on the receiving end of that kind of charity, Randall visits his potential voters. Everything is fine until Jae-won announces that he asked for a favor and persuaded a photographer to give him a few pictures to feel good about. Beth says no. Jae-won says it's a mistake. Things get loud, quickly. (For the record, Jae-won was right). "I do not care if it's a mistake, she's my wife," says Randall, and there's an exasperated tone of "What are you going to do?" To which Beth realizes. Meanwhile, Jae-won is DONE … maybe forever?

As they prepare to leave, Beth wonders how many of her campaign ideas were really "great", as Randall stated earlier. And when he hesitates a bit, she realizes that he's just been trying to make her feel good because she said goodbye and needed a victory. And that makes her feel worse.

Just then, Beth's phone starts to explode (the cell phone service in the soup kitchen was weak) and she says they have to hurry to go home

This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8 Thanksgiving 18615A GREAT DAY FOR TESS | The reason for Beth's haste? Tess has been calling her and sending text messages all morning, because she had her period for the first time, and she has been scared about it. The girl is even more baffled when Toby, who has been cooking Thanksgiving dinner with Kate at Randall's house while the family is in Philadelphia, inadvertently sees her niece with boxes of sanitary napkins and tampons. (Note: you're a grown man, Toby, you can say the words, that's fine.)

But Kate is the image of serenity while talking to her niece, and assures her that everything is fine and that she should not feel ashamed. Then, she will tell you a little about how Tess is growing and how soon she will have her first boyfriend. "Or girlfriend," Tess says a little shy, then asks her aunt not to tell her parents about it.

How william met jesse | Let's take a minute to delve into the past again. This time, we see the moment when William meets his boyfriend, Jesse, at a meeting of Narcotics Anonymous. They end up having dinner together, and that's when Jesse mentions that his marriage to a woman was "a complicated mismatch." William invites the Briton to listen to him and other sober musicians play at a Thanksgiving gathering; When Jesse arrives, William is a little annoyed to see his guest talking to a woman for much of the night. "Relax, will you?" Jesse makes fun of him at the end of the night. "She is my cousin". William relieved simply responds: "I'm fine."

MIGUEL PASOS ARRIBA | Back in the present, Miguel is worried as he and Rebecca drive to Scarsdale, N.Y., to have Thanksgiving with their children and their families. "I feel like a pity to invite," she confesses, but she says it will be great, and then they will meet everyone at Randall's for dessert.

Rebecca is many things, but at all times is not one of them. The food is at best and the confrontation at worst; It is clear that Miguel and his children do not know each other much anymore, and his son is openly hostile to Rebecca after discovering that she included nuts in an accompanying dish, not knowing that Amber's husband is allergic. "First you steal my father from my mother, and now you're trying to kill my brother-in-law," he says. "Sorry, too soon?"

By now, Miguel has had enough. She says she tried very hard to keep her children in her life, "and I was lucky if I received an email from you." She points out that he and Rebecca did not reconnect until a decade after Jack died and Shelly remarried, so the vitriol addressed to the new Mrs. Rivas is misplaced. "Take all the shots you want … but the only time in the decade that you see Rebecca, you show some respect to my wife," she says.

Amber grabs her father's hand. Andy is correctly punished. And Rebecca, gentle as always, deftly saves the uncomfortable moment by asking for the score of the football game.

TOBY (ALMOST) RUINS THANKSGIVING! | In Randall, Toby somehow manages to ruin all the food, including the turkey, in the brief moment when Kate is upstairs. But she does not mind, because she handled Tess's situation like a professional, and she's sure they're going to be excellent parents.

So after the Philadelphia contingents return and Rebecca and Miguel arrive, they all sit together eating the Cracker Barrel delivery food (among other fast food items) that Toby has bought. Kevin and Zoe even face each other in Vietnam.

This Is Us Recap Season 4 Episode 8

THERE IS NO SUCH THING OF INNOCENT | The history of Vietnam begins with Nicky still hating Jack / Vietnam / the war / the world, and Jack is confident that a little more time to get "that shit" out of his system is what his brother really needs. Nicky decides to skip the unit's Thanksgiving dinner; When the village woman wearing the necklace tries to carry two heavy cubes, Jack steps away from the food to help her, and one of her fellow soldiers takes the photo that Kevin will cling on many years later.

Later, Jack brings the leftovers to the woman, to her small son and to a man who lives with them, and I suppose it is her brother. The son cut his foot on the barbed wire of the camp some time ago, and is not doing well: the wound is infected and, despite the brother's screams, Jack is determined to help the child. Then he pulls Nicky, who is a doctor, and orders him to clean the child's wound. Nicky refuses, saying that the Vietnamese are the enemy. There are many more screams, and Nicky eventually collapses, but Jack manages to disinfect and wrap the cut and give the child some medicine for his fever.

That night, Jack rebukes his brother that the only people in the village are "women, children and the elderly." Then, Nicky tells a story about how his commanding officer, who was loved as much by his men as by the villagers near his camp, was killed while he was sleeping when the Viet Cong threw a bomb in his bunk, and the person who directed the VC directly towards the dead man was the seemingly kind old woman who cut her hair. "You can be nice to them all you want, Jack, but it's not just women and children," Nicky reminds his brother.

The little boy heals. His mother is grateful and thanks Jack for giving him his medallion, which he puts around his neck.

Now is your turn. What do you think of the episode? Turn off the sound in the comments!

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