Summary of the premiere of Charmed & # 39 ;: This is not a witch hunt, this is a settling of accounts & # 39;

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"This is not a witch hunt, this is a settling of accounts," says Marisol Vera (Valerie Cruz) in the first minutes of the much-commented CW. Charmed restart, which opens with a very episode #MeToo topic.

Marisol is talking on the phone with a heated exchange about a teacher protesting his suspension for sexual harassment. When her daughter, Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) hear her arguing, they pause in their discussion about Mel's boots and Maggie's desire to join a sisterhood of women to see if her mother is okay. Marisol sits down and delivers a heartfelt speech, reminding them that they are "better together" and that "nothing is stronger than their brotherhood." The continuous movement of Maggie's eyes suggests that this is a monologue that they have heard before.

The sisters make half-hearted promises to support each other before leaving, Mel to see his girlfriend and Maggie to a fraternity party. At home, Marisol feels that something is wrong and seconds later, a crow bursts through his open window (never a good sign). After sending Mel and Maggie an urgent text message to return home, Marisol runs to the attic and begins to cast a spell. She also warns the crows and an approaching smoke monster that "has three." Unfortunately, when Mel and Maggie arrive home, delayed by Maggie's reluctance to leave the fraternity party, her mother is dead and seems to have fallen out of the attic window.

Three months later, the sisters are not paying attention exactly to their mother's words. Mel, a graduate student in the women's studies department at Hilltowne University, is consumed with anger and continues her mother's struggle against Professor Thaine, who was reinstated to school after his suspension. He is hanging the posters of Time Up (yes, seriously) when he is approached by the replacement of his mother in the women's studies department, a cis white man who claims to have been sent by Roxane Gay, among other accolades. Try to break the ice by congratulating her on a recent article that says: "It really made me feel like my penis had been ripped from my body." To which Mel replies: "Oh, well, you read correctly." For the reasons why he does not like it, he continues to announce the next rally.

Immediately after his interaction with the woman's studies teacher, Mel collides with Cameron, an ardent supporter of Professor Thaine, punching her in the face after insulting her mother and Thaine's accuser. Mel's news hitting an undergraduate student immediately causes tension between her and Maggie. The sisters have very different approaches to mourn their mother. While Mel is convinced that there was a dirty game in Marisol's death, and believes that Professor Thaine had something to do with that, Maggie is trying to maintain an appearance of normalcy in her life, which includes rushing to the Kappa Tau brotherhood Kappa, where he was The night his mother died.

Meanwhile, the lost daughter of Marisol, Macy Vaughn (Madeleine Mantock) arrives in Hilltowne to work as a molecular geneticist in the university lab, under the tutelage of Professor Thaine, no less. She stumbles through Vera's house while walking with her new co-worker Galvin (Ser & # 39; Darius Blain), who fills her in the tragedy that took place there. Upon discovering that the mother she thought had died a long time ago actually died only three months earlier, Macy goes home to find her new sisters, interrupting her struggle.

Naturally, the meeting is horrible, since Mel and Maggie do not know they have another sister. However, after the initial discomfort disappears, the three begin to experience their powers for the first time. Macy shows off her new telekinetic capabilities while expressing her disastrous meeting at a bar with Galvin. Maggie discovers she can read minds, a change from the original CharmedThe premonition – in a sisterhood event, and Mel discovers that he can freeze time during a date with his current girlfriend Niko (Ellen Tamaki), a Hilltowne detective who broke up with her after her mother's death.

Then, the sisters are kidnapped (in their attic) by the new professor of women's studies (Rupert Evans), who, to his surprise, informs them that they are the Charmed Ones, "the most powerful trio of witches". He also reveals himself. do not be other than Harry, his Whitelighter, who definitely looks more like Giles than Buffy the vampire hunt I read wyatt. She explains that her mother was a powerful witch who united the powers of each of her daughters when they were born, but that she was in the process of releasing the bond when she was murdered. Yes, Mel was right, there I was dirty game. However, Harry does not know who killed her, noticing that his only clue is the ice that is in the scene, which means he is a cold demon.

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