Summary of the "Conners": Season 1, episode 5 – Becky Is [Spoiler]

adminNovember 21, 2018

This week in The conners, Becky makes a great announcement, and Dan has some serious concerns. Darlene, meanwhile, gets a new job.

In the episode, Becky reveals to the family … that she is pregnant! After Becky shares the miraculous news (as she will remember, her doctor told her she had less than a five percent chance of getting pregnant), the family gathers in the kitchen to celebrate, where Becky says she wants Roseanne to still be live for Share this moment. DJ. He then tells his older sister that Mom is with them in spirit.

The celebration is ephemeral when Becky tells everyone that the pregnancy is the result of a one-night stand, and intends to raise the child alone. Dan believes it is wrong to exclude the father, who can provide financial support. Then he tells Becky that she's fired; She can not work on a construction site while she is pregnant, reducing her income by half.

Later, in the restaurant, Becky confesses to Jackie that she has doubts about her ability to raise the child on her own. She also tells her aunt that she is not sure who the father is, since she connected with both her manager Ramon and the Spanish-speaking employee Emilio (Major crimes"René Rosado." Ramon helps Becky solve it, revealing that she previously had a vasectomy, which leaves Emilio, who is eager to help but can not provide, Becky says to Emilio but thank you, but he does not know. Later, he explains to Jackie that he crossed the border to escape political violence in Mexico, and he intends to get a better paid job to support the boy once he has improved his English. be your tutor.

Meanwhile, Becky is serving frequent clients Maria and Bridgette, a lesbian couple with whom she is friendly. After the couple offers to order a margarita for their favorite waitress, Becky tells them she is pregnant and expresses concern about raising a child with very little income. When she goes to retrieve her drinks, Maria tells Bridgette that she wants to adopt Becky's baby. "Becky could be the perfect person," she says. "I mean, we know her, she knows us … She can even be involved in the baby's life, it would be good for everyone." But Bridgette says it's a great decision not to be taken lightly. And so, the couple decides to think about it.

Meanwhile, Darlene breaks up with Neil (the unfortunate underutilized Justin Long) this week, after Dan and Jackie point out that he's exactly as david Then, Dan enters the living room, laughing as he flips through the photographs on a local rag. Lock & # 39; Em Up. Darlene takes a look and sees that they are looking for a new editor. And so, she interviews editor-in-chief Ben (Living biblicallyJay R. Ferguson, who hires her on the spot, but refuses to give her any creative control. He likes the sensational copy as it is, and does not want her to come and try to improve what does not need to be fixed. After she convinces him that he has built something great, but has not yet exploited it properly, he offers to build the publication's website and earns an immediate promotion to be the managing editor.

Needless to say, Darlene and Ben have great chemistry and, unlike David or Neal, Ben refuses to shrink from his new employee. While the episode does not exactly establish Ben as Darlene's new love interest, I would bet a lot of money on these co-workers combining business and pleasure at the end of the season.

What did you think on Tuesday? The conners? Were you surprised at all about Becky's pregnancy? Do you think he'll end up accepting Maria and Bridgette to adopt the baby? And what did you think of Darlene's new boss, Ben? Hit the comments with your reactions!

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