Summary of the & # 39; Conners & # 39 ;: Season 1, Episode 3 – Matthew Broderick Halloween

adminOctober 31, 2018

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This week's episode of The conners Mark the first Halloween since the death of Roseanne. Does he come close to reaching the heights of Eva's characteristic episodes of all the saints of his predecessor?

In "There Will not Be Blood," the family participates in an Instagram-themed holiday contest, with the potential to win a beer box and a six-foot submarine. They all come in with the suit for the group photo, including Dan as Napoleon Blown-Apart, Jackie as a run-down cheerleader, D.J. as a big game hunter, Becky as Sharknade O & # 39; Connor, Harris as Lizzie Boredom and Mary as Scary J. Blige.

Brand, in his Fortnite getup, tells Darlene that the school sent an email to parents prohibiting any disguise that might be perceived as violent or offensive, including yours. Dan encourages her daughter to challenge the school's new policy, saying that Roseanne would have been the first to march there and fight against this "P.C. Shit," but Darlene disagrees. Mark eventually goes in a different costume, dressing like Frida Kahlo, but that is also considered "offensive" by the school principal, who drives Mark and Darlene away from the school carnival. Darlene argues that it is not about cultural appropriation, but cultural appreciationHowever, the director refuses to let them in. Darlene apologizes to Mark for yelling at his director, but Mark is delighted to see his "psychopathic mother" defend him.

Jackie, meanwhile, introduces everyone to her new friend Peter (played by Matthew Broderick), who has a master's degree in medieval culture and absolutely zero sense of humor. Join Jackie to the Halloween party of the family dressed as the mind-body dualism of Descartes. ("I have often ordered Descartes," says Becky, confusing Descartes with to the letter. "It's more expensive that way.") Peter tries to impress Dan with a series of "fun facts" of Halloween, which cause Jackie's brother-in-law to hurry to avoid further uncomfortable jokes.

Then, Jackie asks Dan to tell him what he really thinks of Peter, just as Roseanne would. When "nice" is not good enough, Dan realizes the truth. "I think I could hate him, but I really need more time," he says. Then he mentions that it's a bit strange that Peter does not have a job at age 48, which moves Jackie. "Do you know how hard it is to find a 40-year-old single man with a job?" She replies. "It's a fucking unicorn! That's what it is!

In another part of the episode …

* Darlene interview at McNasty & # 39; s, a restaurant where the waitresses are encouraged to be rude to customers. The interview goes south when Darlene tries. as well rude to the manager.

* Harris passes the driving test, but Dan hesitates to let him drive Roseanne's car. Ultimately, he makes a deal with his granddaughter: she can take him to work every day for a month to show that she is a good driver. The scene on the label finds Mary stalking Dan and Harris from the back seat with a terrifying mask, which would undoubtedly make Roseanne proud!

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